This page was created March 15, 1999 for the purpose of establishing a "central location" where interested persons can go to find, and hopefully share, information on the Heacock family and/or surname. There are Heacocks in nearly every state and province of America north of Mexico and all appear to be descended from Jonathan Heacock and Ann Till who arrived on these shores in 1711 aboard the THREE SISTERS and settled in or near Darby, Pennsylvania. Jonathan and Ann came from Eccleshall parish Staffordshire England. Information on them is available in the ancient writings section of this page as well as my Heacocks of Canada West web page.

The Researcher register should become a major feature of this page, and with a lot of participation from our cousins, the most useful feature. We should be able to see who is listed as a Heacock surname researcher and get a little information on each individual. A real plus will be that each may give their area of research interest and those searching on the register can E-mail each other without going through this page (and me!). This register is still on the back burner as of July 1999 because I've been unable to come up with a way to keep the page safe from the mailing list robots..."we don't need no stinkin spam!"

Please submit your researcher information as well as any information that you feel may help other researchers as an E-mail to k.heacock@worldnet.att.net Any URLs for personal or genealogy web sites relating to the Heacock surname or researchers of same would also enhance the value of this page and help other researchers. All are welcomed and deeply appreciated.

Links. Anyone is free to use information from this page as long as it is not used for "mailing lists", profit, or published as original information. Feel free to link to this page without any further consent. Since the intent of this page is too unify Heacock surname researchers, the more people know of it the better it will work.