This chapter appears in EARLY FRIENDS FAMILIES OF UPPER BUCKS COUNTY, ROBERTS, 1925, and has been transcribed with some liberties (as in the use of ordinal numbers for the date to make it less confusing), by Kenneth Stephens Heacock for posting on his web page and other electronic uses. It does bother me somewhat that the date 4-9-XX appears so often.



The Heacock family is one of considerable antiquity, and was for several generations seated in or near a little hamlet called Slin or Slindon, in the parish of Eccleshall, Staffordshire, England. The records of this parish show that John Heacock was buried 2nd month 30th, 1587, and his wife Margaretta was buried 3rd month 11th, 1580-1591.

JOHN HEACOCK of "Slyndon (alias Slin)" baptized 2nd month 16th, 1576, buried 12th month 6th, 1666-1667, is supposed to have been a son of John and Margaretta mentioned above. He married 1st month 3rd, 1605-1606, at Eccleshall, Ellen Keene of Slindon, She was buried 11th month 1st, 1645-1646. Their several children were baptized at Eccleshall, viz:


bap. 4 - 9 - 1606;




bap. 4 - 9 - 1607;




bap. 3 - 6 - 1610;


m. Margaret ______


born circa 1612;

buried 5 - 30 - 1614



bap. 4 - 9 - 1622



WILLIAM HEACOCK3 (John, 1 John 2), only surviving son of John and Ellen (Keene) Heacock, baptized at Slindon, 3rd month 6th, 1610, continued to be a resident of Slindon until his death. He and his wife Margaret had issue, besides a number of children who died young, two sons, viz:


bap. 12 - 6 - 1652-1653

Died 9 - 10 - 1695

m. Jane

William, of Slindon



m. Mary _________

JOHN HEACOCK4 (John, 1 John, 2 William 3), son of William and Margaret, baptized at Eccleshall, Staffordshire, on 12th month 6th, 1652 - 1653, came to Pennsylvania in the ship "Friends Adventure" arriving in the Delaware River, 7th month 28th, 1682. He brought with him a servant named James Morris, but was not accompanied by his wife and children. He had purchased of William Penn before leaving England, in partnership with Thomas Barrett, 875 acres, of which the Heacock share was 250 acres, by deed and release dated 11th and 12th of 2nd month, 1682. He took up his 250 acres in Falls Township, Bucks County, and also 50 acres adjoining on rent, the purchase of which he never completed. Having secured his home in Pennsylvania, he returned to Staffordshire for his family, and died at Slindon 9th month 10th, 1695. His wife Jane died - month 15th, 1695. The records of the land office of Pennsylvania show that letters of administration were granted on his estate to Elizabeth Venables, sister to Barrett, and that she sold the 300 acres to Gilbert Wheeler, and that the real estate was resurveyed on 1st month 24th, 1700-1701, and patented to James Paxon, a purchaser of Wheeler. However, by deed dated 12th month 19th, 1710-1711, "William Heacock of Slindon, County of Stafford, second son of William Heycock, the elder, by Margaret his wife, both late of Slindon, deceased, and next brother of John Heacock, formerly of Slindon, but late of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Mary his wife, " conveyed to "Jonathan Heacock, of the borough of Stafford, land in Pennsylvania belonging to the said John Heycock late of Bucks County, Pa., deceased."

1. JONATHAN HEACOCK, son of John and Jane Heacock, was born at Slindon, parish of Eccleshall, County of Stafford, England, about 1680, was the virtual founder of the family in Pennsylvania, since his father after spending a few years in Bucks County, returned to England, and died there in 1695. He came to Pennsylvania with his wife, Ann Till, in the ship "Three Sisters" which sailed from London, 1st month 14th, 1710 - 1711, bringing a certificate from the Friends Meeting at Stafford dated 12th month 13th, 1710, only a few months after their marriage at the same meeting. A fragmentary diary in his handwriting has been preserved from which we learn that while in England he was a dealer in wool and manufactured worsted goods, and traveled to London and other parts in the prosecution of his business. At the time of his sailing for Pennsylvania, he is mentioned as resident of the "Borough of Stafford in Staffordshire." The diary above referred to shows that he was in London on 12th month 27th, 1710, and sailed from there as above stated on 1st month 14th, 1710 - 1711. They evidently touched at Belfast, Ireland, as he wrote a letter from "Belfast Lough" on 1st month 20th, 1710 -1711, to Staffordshire. They were at Koughrane, Scotland, on 2nd month 23rd, 1710 - 1711, and "sayld from thence the 26th at one o'clock in the morning."

The certificate from the Stafford Meeting was deposited at Chester Monthly Meeting, 7th month 29th, 1718. Their whereabouts in the interim between their arrival and that date are unknown, but they were probably in Philadelphia and that part of Chester County now compromising Delaware County. There is no evidence of record in Bucks County of his having contested the title of the land taken up by his father in Falls Township, Bucks County, and confirmed to him by his uncle William Heacock and Mary, his wife, on the eve of his sailing for Pennsylvania. The family finally settled in Marple Township, Chester (Now Delaware County, where he was first a renter but later purchased a farm near the Springfield Township line on which he lived till his death in 1764 at an advanced age.

Ann Till, the wife of Jonathan Heacock, was a daughter of John Till, of Whitegreave, Staffordshire, and his wife Mary Jackson, and was born at Whitegreave, 5th month 13th, 1681. (No.VI, e)




The Till family, form whom John Till above mentioned descended, was, like the Heacock, long seated in Staffordshire. His earliest ancestor of whom we have any record was:

I. Hugo Till (or Tyll as the name is spelled in the early records) who died in the parish of St. Mary, City of Stafford in 1552, leaving a will, dated May 17th, 1552, which mentions his wife Elizabeth and four sons Richard, John, Humphrey and Thomas.

II. John Till2 (Hugo1), of Whitegreave Parish of St. Mary's, Stafford, second son of Hugo and Elizabeth, died in 1597, and his wife Ann in 1616. He had issue, two sons, - Thomas and William, and five daughters.

III. William Till3 (Hugo1, John2), of Whitegreave, was buried at St. Mary's December 6th, 1633, and his wife Margaret on July 1st, 1624. They had sons, John, Humphrey, and William, and daughters Ann and Margaret.

IV. John Till4 (Hugo1, John2 William3), of "The Hawthorne" Whitegreave, eldest son of William and Margaret, died in 1672. The name of his wife is unknown. They had five children, John, William, Sarah, Francis, and Samuel.

V. Samuel Till5 (Hugo1, John2 William3 John4), was buried at Friends Burying Ground at Stafford 2nd month 29th, 1676. He was the first of the family to unite with Friends and little is known of his history or that of his five children, except his son John, the father of Ann (Till) Heacock.

VI. John Till6 (Hugo1, John2 William3 John4 Samuel5), born at Whitegreave, Stafford, about 1650, died there 7th month 22nd, 1710. He married at Stafford Friends Meeting 2nd month 5th, 1675, Mary Jackson, daughter of George and Ann of Ashfelong, Warwickshire. She was buried at Stafford 8th month 6th, 1684.

Children of John and Mary (Jackson) Till:


b. 12 - 13 - 1676; emigrated to Pem. 2 - 1 - 1703 Ann Warden, daughter of Richard and Ann (Lee) Warden from Guilford, Sussex County, England. She was born 2 - 22 - 1678 and died in 1711


b. 2 - 18 - 1678;


d. 3 - 11 - 1678


b. 2 - 18 - 1678; m. Thomas Hollowell of Darby PA.


b. 2 - 7 - 1680;



b. 5 - 13 - 1681;

m. Jonathan Heacock



b. 5 - 13 - 1681; m. in 1710, Jonathan Heacock (I)


b. 6 - 1683;


d. 5 - 17 - 1697

Children of Jonathan and Ann (Till) Heacock:

2. Mary,

b. 3 - 26 - 1712;

m. Robert Penrose


3. John,

b. 9 - 23 - 1713;

m. Sarah Taylor

d. 11 - 13 - 1794

Sarah Taylor was of Providence Township, John married her in 1739 and they settled in Middletown Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania; children, Ann, Nathan, John and Hannah, and numerous descendants.

4. Jonathan, Jr.,

b. 3 - 10 - 1715;

m. Susanna Morgan


5. William,

b. 1 - 13 - 1716

m. Ann Roberts

d. 4 - 12 - 1800

6. Ann,

b. 12 - 11 - 1718

m. James Morgan

d. 12 - 28 - 1797

7. Joseph,

b. 3 - 32 - 1722

m. Hannah Massey


Joseph and Hannah lived and died on the homestead in Marple Township, Delaware County

4. JONATHAN HEACOCK, Jr.2 (Jonathan1), second son of Jonathan and Ann (Till) Heacock, born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, 3rd month 10th, 1715, settled in Richland in 1745, bringing a certificate from Chester Monthly Meeting, dated 2nd month 18th, 1745. He married at Richland Monthly Meeting, 3rd month 9th, 1745, Susanna Morgan, daughter of John and Deborah Morgan, in 1750. He acquired a portion of the Morgan tract and seems to have lived in that section for several years. The place and date of his death are unknown.

Children of Jonathan and Susanna (Morgan) Heacock:

8. John,


m. Esther Pyle


Children of John and Esther; Nathan, Samuel, Amy, Benjamin, Anna, John, and Hannah

9. Nathan,



d. young

10. Jonathan, 3rd,

went to Canada west

m. Mary Evans


10a. Rachel,


m. Abraham Walton


10b. Ann,




10c. Sarah,




5. WILLIAM HEACOCK2 (Jonathan1) third son of Jonathan and Ann (Till) Heacock, born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1st month -- 1716-1717, settled in Rockhill Township, Bucks County, PA. near the border of Richland Township in a section known as "The Bog" in 1740. He took up a large plantation on which he erected and operated a sawmill. He died on a part of his plantation 4th month 12th, 1800. By his will made 12th month 2nd, 1797, and probated 5th month 8th, 1800, he directed that the plantation on which his son William lived containing 93 acres of 146 perches should be sold. The sawmill with a tract of land was devised to his son Jesse and remained in the family for several generations. In addition to legacies to his several children, mentioned below, he bequeathed to his sister Ann Morgan a legacy of ten pounds if she outlived him and if she did not it was to paid to her daughter Mary.

William Heacock married in 1746, Ann Roberts, daughter of Thomas and Alice Roberts of Milford Township. She was born 6th month 1718, and died 3rd month, 1897.

Children of William and Ann (Roberts) Heacock:

11 Jeremiah,

b. 6 - 8 - 1747;

m. Sarah Morgan.

d. 1- 1-1797

12 William,

b. 3 - 22 - 1749;

m. Miriam Thomas.

d. 8 - 1814

13 Ann,

b. 4 - 19 - 1750;

m. Joseph Rawlings.

d. 4 - 19 - 1750

14 Mary,

b. 5 - 11 - 1752;

m. Thomas Strawn.

d. 3 - 27 - 1770

15 Jesse,

b. 2 - 20 - 1754;

Died young

16 Alice,

b. 2 - 7 - 1756;

m. 1st Henry. Wilson.

2nd Josiah Dennis

17 Jane,

b. 2 - 10 - 1758;

m. Amos Dennis.

18 Jonathan,

b. 4 - 11 - 1760;

m. Hannah Davis.

19 Jesse,

b. 2 - 16 - 1763;

m. Tacy Thompson.

d. 9 - 30 - 1841

11. JEREMIAH HEACOCK3 (Jonathan1, William2,), eldest son of William and Ann (Roberts) Heacock, born in Rockhill Township, 6th month 8th, 1747, died in Chestnut Hill Township, Northhampton County, Pennsylvania, 1st month 1st, 1797. He married 9th month 5th, 1766, his first cousin, Sarah Morgan, born 8th month 16th, 1747, died 11th month 16th 1815, daughter of James and Ann (Heacock) Morgan. After his death his widow returned to Bucks County, and in 1801 was living with her minor children in Hilltown Township, and probably resided there until her death, though she possibly removed with some of her children to Ohio.

Children of Jeremiah and Sarah (Morgan) Heacock:

20 Isaccher,

b. 9 - 22 - 1767;

m. Susannah Walt

d. 4 - 30 - 1809;

21 Josiah,

b. 12 - 27 - 1768;

m. Jane Green

d. 9 - 26 - 1847;

22 Richard,

b. 8 - 31 - 1770;

m. S. Thomas J. Griffith

d. 9 - 3 - 1838;

23 Rosamond,

b. 11 - 16 - 1771;

To Damascus Ohio

d. 7 - 16 - 1837;

24 Thomas,

b. 5 - 11 - 1773;

m. Went to Muncie Ind.


25 Mary,

b. 10 - 34 - 1774;

Unm. Salem, Ohio

d. 1 - 3 - 1859;

26 Jonathan,

b. 5 - 29 1776;


d. 10 - 23 - 1776;

27 Hannah,

b. 6 - 4 - 1778;

m. Isaac Bailey (Ohio)

d. 4 - 18 - 1865;

28 William,

b. 12 - 16 - 1779;

m. Hannah Strawn

d. 2 - 15 - 1835;

29 Martha,

b. 3 - 19 - 1781;

m. in Richland

d. 2 - 2 - 1812;

30 Nathan,

b. 4 - 16 - 1783;

m. Diana Dennis

d. 6 - 28 - 1866;

31 Amos,

b. 6 - 9 - 1786;

m. Settled Muncie, IN.

d. 6 - 1872;

32 Jane,

b. 6 - 17 - 1788;

m. Charles Dennis(OH)

d. 12 - 3 - 1872;

12. WILLIAM HEACOCK3 (Jonathan1, William2), second son of William and Ann (Roberts) Heacock, born in Rockhill Township, 3rd month 22nd, 1749, died in Richland 8th month 1814, having purchased a small farm there in 1806, which he devised to his wife for life. He married Miriam Thomas, born in Quakertown, 9th month 2nd, 1753, died in Ohio, 12th month 1st, 1847. She was a daughter of Edward and Alice (Roberts) Thomas.

Children of William and Mariam (Thomas) Heacock:

33 Edward,

b. 1774;



34 James,


m. removed to Ohio;


35 Samuel,

b. 1778;

m. Eunice Phillips;


36 Joseph,


m. Sarah Severn;


37 Mira,



An invalid

38 Margaret,




39 Martha,


m. Set. Columbiana OH;


16. ALICE HEACOCK3 (Jonathan1, William2), daughter of William and Ann (Roberts) Heacock, was born in Rockhill Township, 2nd month 7th, 1756. She married first, Henry Wilson of Milford Township, and second, 11th month 28th, 1793, Josiah Dennis.

Children of Henry and Alice (Heacock) Wilson:

40 Jane,


m. William Strawn;

d. 2 - 3 - 1859

41 Ann,




42 Rachel,




43 Tacy,




18. JONATHAN HEACOCK3 (Jonathan1, William2), fourth son and eighth child of William and Ann (Roberts) Heacock, born in Rockhill, Bucks County, PA. 4th month 11th, 1760, learned the tanning business in Haverford Township, and married in 1783, Hannah Davis, of Haverford and took up his residence there; being granted a certificate from Richland Monthly Meeting to that of Haverford in 1787. He continued to reside in Haverford all his life.

Children of Jonathan and Hannah (Davis) Heacock:

44 Joseph,

b. 6 - 6 - 1784;

m. To Huntsville, AL.

d. 9 - 24 - 1867;

45 Martha,

b. 1 - 10 - 1786;

m. John Bunting 'Darby

d. 10 - 11- 1867;

46 Jesse D.,

b. 11 -24 - 1788;

m. Priscilla Yarnall


47 Reece,

b. 7 - 24 - 1791;

m. Mary Lawrence;

d. 2 - 27 - 1866;

48 Anna,

b. 4 - 24 - 1794;

m. B. Bonsall, N. Baker

d. 2 - 26 - 1865;

49 Mary,

b. 7 - 22 - 1797;

m. David Bonsall


50 Davis

b. 10 - 16 - 1799;

m. Mary Williamson

R to Iowa 2 sons 3 d.

51 Jonathan,

b. 3 - 6 - 1802;

m. Mary Ann Suber


52 Eli,

b. 2 - 25 - 1805;

m. Orpha Evans

One son reece to west

19. JESSE HEACOCK3 (Jonathan1, William2), ninth and youngest child of William and Ann (Roberts) Heacock, born in Rockhill, 2nd month 16th, 1763, died there 9th month 30th, 1841. He inherited part of the old homestead in Rockhill and purchased other lands there, becoming a large landowner. His son Joel inherited 101 acres of the homestead. He married 10th month 22nd, Tacy Thompson who died 2nd month 10th, 1823.

Children of Jesse and Tacy (Thompson) Heacock:

53 John,

b. 8 - 28 - 1786;

m. Christiana Strawn

d. 9- 5 - 1786;

54 Jonah,

b. 2 - 18 - 1788;

m. Abigail Warner

d. 7 - 14 - 1861;

55 William,

b. 1 - 19 - 1790;

m. Lavinia Penrose

d. 11 - 7 - 1877;

56 Ann,

b. 12 - 27 - 1791;

m. Samuel M. Foulke


57 Joel,

b. 3 - 6 - 1794;

m. Abigail Roberts

d. 3 - 17 - 1853;

58 Margaret

b. 3 - 27 - 1796;

m. J. Good, J. Carr

d. 2 - 15 - 1884;

59 Jesse T.,

b. 6 - 17 - 1798;

m. Elizabeth Reece

d. 2 - 27 1873;

60 Joseph,

b. 8 - 26 - 1800;

m. Esther Hallowell

d. 3 - 22 - 1883;

61 Enos,

b. 12 - 20 - 1892;

m. Sarah Foulke


62 Nathan,

b. 4 - 27 1806;

m. Eliza Hallowell

d. 3 - 13 1879;

63 Aaron,

b. 7 - 27 - 1808;

m. Hannah M. Wood


20. ISSACHER HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3), eldest son of Jeremiah and Sarah (Morgan) Heacock. Born in Rockhill, Bucks County, PA, 9th month 22nd, 1767, located in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, where he died 4th month 30th, 1809. He married Susannah Walt, who survived him.

Children of Issacher and Susannah (Walt) Heacock:

21. JOSIAH HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3), second son of Jeremiah and Sarah (Morgan) Heacock, born in Rockhill Township, Bucks County, 12th month 27th, 1768, married Jane Green, born in Richland 2nd month 5th, 1773, daughter of Samuel and Rachel Green of Berks County, PA, They removed to Greenwood, now Columbia County, PA, taking a certificate to the Monthly Meeting at Muncy, Lycoming County, dated 1st month 14th, 1811. Josiah died at Greenwood 9th month 26th, 1847.

Children of Josiah and Jane (Green) Heacock:

72 Joseph,

b. 1- 24 - 1792;

m. Magaret Rester.


73 Jeremiah,

b. 7 - 1 - 1794;

m. Alice Evans


74 Jesse,

b. 1797;

m. Phebe Hicks


75 Amos,

b. 7 - 10 1799;

m. Hannah Rester


76 Enos,

b. 1 - 9 - 1801;

m. Mary Ogden


77 Richard,

b. 10 - 18 - 1802;

m. Sarah T


78 Peremimia,

b. 7 - 18 - 1804;

m. John Shoemaker


78a Hannah,

b. 8 - 11 - 1806;



79 Sarah,

b. 6 - 26 -1808;

m. George Lester


80 Mary,

b. 5 - 14 - 1813;



81 Rosamond,

b. 9 - 27- 1816;



82 Lavinia,

b. 1 - 10 - 1820;

m. Michael Shoemaker


22. RICHARD HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3), third son of Jeremiah and Sarah (Morgan) Heacock, born in Bucks County, PA, 8th month 31st, 1770, died in Salem, Ohio, 9th month 3rd, 1838. He married, first in 1801, Sarah Thomas, and second, in 1833, Jane Griffith, and removed to Salem County, Ohio, where he died.

Children of Richard and Sarah (Thomas) Heacock:

83 Alfred,

b. 5 - 18 - 1804;

m. Hannah Townsend


Alfred's Second wife was Maria L. Amon

84 James W.,




85 Mary Ann,


m. David W. Hunn


86 Emily W.,

b. 11 - 2 - 1811;

m. Ebenezer Cole


87 W. H. Harrison



Died young

88 Rachel W.,

b. 8 - 24 - 1817;

m. Jacob Ketchem


89 Pelina,



Died young

28. WILLIAM HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3), sixth son of Jeremiah and Sarah (Morgan) Heacock, born in Chestnut Hill Township, Northhampton County, PA. (Now Monroe), 12th month 16th, 1779, married 2nd month 11th, 1810, Hannah Strawn, daughter of Daniel and Margaret (Pursell) Strawn of Haycock Township, Bucks County, and went to Columbiana County, Ohio, with members of the Strawn family, and died there 2nd month 15th, 1835.

Children of William and Hannah (Strawn) Heacock:

90 Jeremiah,


m. Dorothy Kepler 1833


91 Sarah M.,


m. Samuel Bard


92 Alfred,

b. 1 - 29 - 1815;

m. Elizabeth Kepler,

d. 7 - 31 - 1900;

Alfred married first, Elizabeth Kepler in 1836, children, Rosalie V., Lucinda, Catherine;

Second, unknown, children, John F., Emma, third, unknown, child, Maggie;

Fourth, unknown, children, Effie, Margaret, William.

93 Amanda,



d. in infancy

94 Mary Jane,


m. James Mckee 1840


30. NATHAN HEACOCK3 (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3), seventh son of Jeremiah and Sarah (Morgan) Heacock, born in Chestnut Hill Township, Northampton County (now Monroe), 4th month 16th, 1783, returned with his mother to Bucks County at the death of his father in 1797, and lived for a time in Springfield Township. In 1806 he purchased a property in Richland Township, and lived thereon for a few years, removing prior to 1816 to Greenwood, Columbia County, PA, In 1825 he removed to Smith Township, near Salem Ohio, where he died 6th month 28th, 1866. He married 9th month 30th, 1806, Diana Dennis, daughter of Amos and Jane (Heacock) Dennis, who also removed to Greenwood, Columbia County, PA.

Children of Nathan and Diana (Heacock) Dennis:

96 Amos,

b. 10 - 27 - 1808;


d. young

97 Edwin,

b. 4 - 19 - 1811;

m. Hannah Barber.


98 Jane D,

b. 8 - 12 - 1812;

m. Ezra Barton


99 Asenath,

b. 6 - 26 - 1814;

m. Nathan Thomas.


100 Milton,

b. 12 - 23 - 1815;

m. R. Thomas H. Passmore


101 Barton,

b. 1 - 13 - 1818;

m. see next line,


Married 11 - 14 - 1839, Rachel Barker, children, Melissa, Clarkson, Oliver V. Rebecca J.,

Sarah A., Isaac, William A., Alice, Elvira, Leota, Edith.

102 Uriah A.,

b. 6 - 14 - 1819;

m. see next line,


m. 1843, Sarah Barker; children, Barclay, Edwin A.,

103 Elias H.,

b. 1 - 6 - 1821;

m. see next line;


m. 1843, Eliza Thomas: children, Amos, Lucretia M.;

104 Enos,

b. 9 - 5 - 1822;

m. see next line;


Married, 1852, Ann Taylor: children, J. Taylor, Addie, Nathan.

105 Josiah Wilson,

b. 4 - 22 - 1827;



106 Tacy W.,

b. 4 - 22 - 1827;

m. see next line;


Married, 1852, Milton Coffee: children, Viola D., Mary J., Alma C., Clara B.

31. AMOS HEACOCK4 (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3), eighth and youngest son of Jeremiah and Sarah (Morgan) Heacock, born in Chestnut Hill Township, Northampton (now Monroe), County, PA. 6th month 9th, 1786, returned to Bucks County with his mother while still a minor. He removed to Columbia County, PA, with other members of the family and died 6th month 1872. He married and settled in Muncy, PA.

33. EDWARD HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3), eldest son of William and Miriam (Thomas) Heacock, born in Richland, Bucks County, PA, about 1774. As executor of his fathers will he settled the estate in 1851, and does not afterwards appear of record in Bucks County. He died in Philadelphia about 1869 The name of his wife has not been ascertained.

Children of Edward (___)(___) Heacock:

106a Tobias S.,

b. 1802;

m. Catherine Leidy;

d. 10 - 7 - 1880.

106b Allen,

Went west a young man



106c Madison,

Riegelsville, PA.



106d Adeline.




35. SAMUEL HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, William4), son of William and Mariam (Thomas) Heacock, born in Richland Township in 1778, married Eunice Phillips and settled in Columbiana County, Ohio. We have no record of his children.

36. JOSEPH HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, William3), son of William and Miriam (Thomas) Heacock, born in Richland, Bucks County, PA, removed to Ohio, where her married Sarah Severn.

Children of Joseph and Sarah (Severn) Heacock:

107 Alcada S.,

m. Aaron Julian

Five children


108 Albert,

m. Julia Oberson



Albert and Julia had three children, Lawrence, Wilbert, and Frank. They lived in Missouri.

109 William S.,

m. Ann Eliza Osborne



William an Ann lived in Morrow County, Ohio and had; David O. and Charles Nervel.

46. JESSE D. HEACOCK4, C second son of Jonathan and Hannah (Davis) Heacock, born at Haverford, Chester (now Delaware), County, PA, 11th month 24th, 1788, married Priscilla Yarnall of an old family of Chester County.

Children of Jesse D. and Priscilla (Yarnall) Heacock:

110 Charles,


m. Mary Tyson;

No issue

111 Elizabeth,


m. Mathew Wood;

c. Reece, Nathan

112 Hannah D. M.,


m. Marshall Eachus;


113 Joseph D.


m.1854 Susan Hannum;


Children of Joseph and Susan; Priscilla Y., Jesse D. William R.

114 Orpha Ann,


m. Thomas Barton;

No issue

115 Adeline,


m. Joseph Roberts;


Children; Jesse, Isaac, Penrose, Joseph William.

48. ANNA HEACOCK4, C second daughter of Jonathan and Hanna (Davis) Heacock, born in Haverford, Delaware County, PA, 4th month 24th, 1794, died 2nd month 26th, 1865. She married first Benjamin Bonsall of Upper Darby, born 8th month 14th, 1764,died 10th month 23, 1835, being his second wife. She married second in 1838, Nathan H. Baker.

Children of Benjamin and Anna (Heacock) Bonsall:

116 Elizabeth H.,

b. 8 - 7 - 1819;


d. 6 - 17 - 1829.

117 Joseph H.;

b. 1 - 12 - 1822;


d. 10 - 13 - 1826.

118 Jesse Davis;

b. 4 - 29 - 1826;


d. 1 - 19 - 1842.

119 Amos,

b. 1 - 21 1831;

m. Anna W. Wagner



Children of Nathan H. and Anna (Heacock) Baker:

120 Elwood H., a practicing physician of Upper Darby.

49. MARY HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jonathan3), daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Davis) Heacock, born at Haverford, Delaware County, PA, 2nd month 22nd, 1797, married in 1812, David Bonsall of Upper Darby, Delaware County, PA.

Children of David and Mary (Heacock) Bonsall:

120a Samuel,


m. and had children;


121 Hannah Ann,


m. one child;


122 Margaret,




123 Rachel,




124 Martha,




125 Anna Elizabeth,


m. Jonas Steel 1 child


126 Jonathan H.


m. one child;


127 Jesse T. H.


m. one child;


53. JOHN HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3), eldest son of Jesse and Tacy (Thompson) Heacock, born in Rockhill, Bucks County, PA. 8th month 28th, 1786, married in 1810, Christiana Strawn, daughter of Daniel and Margaret (Pursell) Strawn. They resided in Rockhill, Bucks County, PA, on part of the old homestead, where John operated a sawmill in connection with farming, until 1836, when they removed with their family to Milford, Indiana, where he died 9th month 5th, 1868. Christiana died 3rd month 27th, 1845.

Children of John and Christiana (Strawn) Heacock:

128 Rachel, m. 1854 Henry A. Whitely; children, Alice, Jesse, Cyrus,

129 Jesse, m. 1841, Mary E. Anderson; children, Sarah J., Jesse H., William A., Mary Emma.

130 Salathiel, m. in 1842 Anna Weeks; children, Alfred H., Mary E., Lydia A., John S., Charles W.

131 Miles S., m. 1840, Mary Cope; children, John D., Anna R.

132 Daniel S, m. 1845, Edna Ann Hiatt; children, Alice J., Mary Etta, Caroline J., Abel S.

133 Gayner S.




134 Septimus,



Died young

135 Tacy Ann,




54. JONAH HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3), second son of Jesse and Tacy (Thompson) Heacock, born in Rockhill, Bucks County, PA, 2nd month 18th, 1788, died 7th month 14th, 1861. He lived the greater part of his life in the neighborhood of his birthplace, part of the time in the adjoining part of Montgomery County. He married Abigail Warner in 1813.

Children of Jonah and Abigail (Warner) Heacock:

136 Eilizaaabeth M.

b. 3 - 17 - 1814;



137 Phebe W.,

b. 3 - 19 - 1818;

m. David Wilson,


138 Warner,

b. 4 - 16 - 1821;

m. Alice Singley.

d. 1 - 14 - 1897.

139 Jesse W.,

b. 6 - 25 - 1825;

m. Rachel Barnes


140 Tacy T., b. 6 - 25 - 1825 m. Mathew Anson; children, Caroline R.,

M. Lizzie, Ellen Jane, John c., William T.

141 Abigail, m. 1st, Edward Bennington; 2nd, J. Baker and was living in Dover, Delaware in 1909

55. WILLIAM HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3), third son of Jesse and Tacy (Thompson) Heacock, born in Rockhill, Bucks County, PA, 1st month 19th, 1790, and died, 11th month 7th, 1877, lived practically all his life in Bucks County. In 1830 he purchased a farm in Plumstead Township, and transferred his membership and that of his family from Richland Monthly Meeting to that of Buckingham. In 1856 he transferred the title of his farm to his only son Nathan Barclay Heacock and thereafter lived retired. He married at Richland Meeting 4th month 20th, ---5, Lavina Penrose, born 10th month 5th, 1798, daughter of Nathan and Hannah Penrose, of Richland.


Children of William and Lavina (Penrose) Heacock:

142 Eveline,

b. 4 - 30 - 1821;


d. 8 - 7 - 1886. Phil.

143 Nathan Barclay.

b. 4 - 10 - 1825;

m. Salome Fries

d. Phily, 191?

57. JOEL HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3), son of Jesse and Tacy (Thompson) Heacock, born in Rockhill, Bucks County, PA, 3rd month 6th, 1794, inherited a portion of the old homestead and spent his whole life thereon, dying there 3rd month 17th, 1853. He married at Richland Monthly Meeting 10th month 16th, 1842, Abigail Roberts, born 4th month 16th, 1808, died in Quakertown 3rd month 21st, 1882. She was a daughter of Levi and Phebe (McCarty) Roberts. She resided with her only son in Quakertown for many years.

Child of Joel and Abigal (Roberts) Heacock:

144 Joel Levi, b. 10 - 2 - 1843; d. unmarried, 8 - 4 - 1909; He lived retired in Quakertown and filled a number of local positions of trust, including that of Notory Public. He made daily reports of the weather to the U. S. government and was one of the first to favor the introduction of electric lights in the borough of Quakertown.

58. MARGARET HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3), daughter of Jesse and Tacy (Thompson) Heacock, born in Rockhill, Bucks County, PA, 3rd month 27th, 1796, married first5th month 13th, 1830, John Good, of Plumstead Township, Bucks County, son of Edward and Eleanor (Harris) Good, of the same place. John Good died and Margaret married second, at Buckingham Monthly Meeting 10th month 15th, 1847, Jonaathan Carr of Doylestown, son of David and Hannah (Michener) Carr of Plumstead, He died in Plumstead 4th month 17th, 1837.

Children of Joel and Margaret (Heacock) Good:

145 Sarah H.,



Died young

146 Tacy T.,



Died young

147 Mary R.,

B 1 - 10 - 1839;

m. Edward Shaw


59. JESSE HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3), son of Jesse and Tacy (Thompson) Heacock, born in Rockhill, Bucks County, PA, 6th month 17th, 1798, died at middletown, Delaware County, PA, 2nd month 27th, 1873. He removed with his brother to Abington, Montgomery County, PA, in 1822, and later located near Middletown. He married 2nd month 12th, 1844, Elizabeth Reece.

Child of Jesse T. and Elizabeth (Reece) Heacock:

148 Thomas Reece,

b. 4 - 14 - 1847;

m. Amy Ella Altemus

d. 11 - 4 - 1911.

60. JOSEPH HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3), son of Jesse and Tacy (Thompson) Heacock, born in Rockhill Township, Bucks County, PA, 8th month 26th, 1800, died near Wyncote in Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County, PA, 3rd month 22nd , 1883. He was a blacksmith by trade and removed to Jenkintown, PA, in 1822, and followed his trade in that town for several years. He later purchased a farm in Cheltenham Township near the present village of Wyncote, and lived there until his death. He married in 1824 Esther Hallowell, born 5th month 31st, 1804, died 4th month 26th, 1874. She was a daughter of John and Elizabeth (Johnson) Hallowell, of Abington Township; granddaughter of Mathew and Mary Hallowell of the same place; great- granddaughter of William and Margaret (Tyson) Hallowell and great-great-granddaughter of Thomas Hallowell, born 1st month 6th, 1697, and his wife Rosamond Till, daughter of John Till of Staffordshire, England and a sister to Ann (Till) Heacock, the first American ancestors of the Heacocks of Pennsylvania.

Children of Joseph and Esther (Hallowell) Heacock:

149 John,

b. 1825;

Kate Schaub, Melrose PA;

d. 5 - 30 - 1892.

150 Eliza,

b. 9 - 25 - 1827;


d. 6 - 11 - 1911.

151 Gaynor,

b. 9 - 27 - 1829;


d. 8-2-1916 .Wyncote PA

152 William,

b. 8 - 15 - 1831;

m. Julia Overholtzer;

d. 5 - 6 - 1897.

153 Edward,

b. 2 - 10 - 1834;

m. first, Jeanette Andrews; second, Helen N. Whitmore

d. 7 - 3 - 1918.

154 Elwood,

b. 1835;


Died in infancy

155 Annie,

b. 1 - 16 - 1838;


living in Wyncote Pa.

156 Jane,

b. 1840;


living in Wyncote Pa.

157 Martha,

b. 1843;


living in Wyncote Pa.

158 Joseph,

b. 7 - 11 - 1846;

m. Elizabeth Walker;

d. 3 - 18 - 1918.

159 Henry S.,

b. 7 - 21 - 1848;


living in Wyncote Pa.

The Heacock sisters conducted a select school for girls at Jenkintown for many years. It had a wide reputation as an excellent school.

61. Enos Heacock4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3), seventh son and ninth child of Jesse and Tacy (Thompson) Heacock, born in Rockhill Township, Bucks County, PA, 12th month 20th, 1802, continued to reside in Rockhill until 1845, when he removed with his family to Lewisville, Indiana, taking a certificate from Richland Monthly Meeting dated 1st month 31st, 1845, to the Monthly Meeting at Milford, Indiana. He married in 1827, Sarah Foulke, died 10th month 24th, 1876, daughter of Hugh and Catherine (Johnson) Foulke.

Children of Enos and Sarah (Foulke) Heacock:

160 Hannah Foulke,

b. 3 - 17 - 1828;

m. Levi P. Wood


161 Hugh Foulke,

b. 1 - 29 - 1831;

m. Mary Ann Fairbanks;


162 William,

b. 12 - 2 - 1833

m. in Indiana, 1 child;

Accidentally killed by gunshot.

163 Tacy Ann,

b. 6 - 15 - 1836;


d. 4 - 25 - 1838.

164 Enos Elwood

b. 6 - 5 - 1843;

m. Ann Weaver;



62. Nathan Heacock4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3), eighth son of Jesse and Tacy (Thompson) Heacock, born in Rockhill Township, Bucks County, PA, 4th month 27th, 1806, He married 2nd month 12th, 1827, Eliza Hallowell, born 4th month 9th, 1809, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Johnson) Hallowell of Willow Grove, Montgomery County, and a sister to Esther Hallowell, the wife of his elder brother, Joseph Heacock. They lived for about nine years on a farm in Montgomery County and then removed to Henry County, Indiana, and later to Wabash, Indiana, where he died 3rd month 13th, 1879, and she died 9th month 6th, 1892.


Children of Nathan and Eliza (Hallowell) Heacock:

165 Julia Ann,

m. 11- 9 - 1848; Josiah Lewis; children; Nathan H., Mary L., Marcus Aurelius, Sarah Jane, Reuben H., aand Charles Alistus. d. 7 - 22 - 1909 Wabash

166 Mary Ann,

b. 4 - 12 - 1831;

m. 9 - 22 - 1852; Mordecai Morris: children, Sarah B., Mary E., Lizzie A., Alice E., Charles Elwood.

167 Reuben,

b. 4 - 12 - 1834;


d. 7 - 14 - 1836.

168 Elizabeth,

b. 3 - 27 - 1837, in Montgomery County PA

m. 4 - 2 - 1870; Theodore Tyson Gillingham and they lived for several years at Atlantic City, NJ, now living in NYC; One child Annie, a teacher and lecturer.

169 Jonah,

b. 7 - 22 - 1840, in Rush Co., IN,

m. 6 - 18 - 1868, Zilpha Holloway. Jonah served 3 years in the Union Army during the Civil War. Now living in Wabash Co., IN.

170 Sarah Jane,

b. 1 - 25 1843;

m. 6 - 3 - 1875, Benjamin Bogue: children, Charles, Mary, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Edwin, and Flora.


63. AARON HEACOCK4, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3), ninth and youngest son of Jesse and Tacy (Thompson) Heacock, born in Rockhill Township, Bucks County, PA, 7th month 27th, 1808, married in 1839, Hannah M. Wood,

Children of Aaron and Hannah M. (Wood) Heacock:

171 Margaret G.,


m. George Mason.


172 Sarah,



d. young.

173 Phebe W.,


m. Daniel Hiath.


174 Deborah F.,


m. Mark Whinney.


175 Jacob,



d. young.


64. JOHN HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Issacher4), Son of Issacher and Susannah (Walt) Heacock, born in Bucks County in 1788, married Mary ____ and settled on a farm in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, where he died in 4th month 1815.

Children of John and Mary (____) Heacock:

176 Mary Ann,

b. 1812.



177 Lewis

b. 1813.




66. ISAAC HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Issacher4), Son of Issacher and Susannah (Walt) Heacock, born in Bucks County in 1793, died in New Britain Township in that county, 1st month 12th, 1850. He married Hannah Diehl, and had six children, whose names are unknown to the compiler of this history, except one, viz.:

181 Henry, a carpenter in Philadelphia.


69. SAMUEL HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Issacher4), Son of Issacher and Susannah (Walt) Heacock, born in Bucks County, spent his whole life there. He married and had children.

72. JOSEPH HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Josiah4), eldest son of Josiah and Jane (Green) Heacock, born 1st month 24th, 1792, was reared in Greenwood, Columbia County, PA, and continued to reside there until his death. He married in 1816 Margaret Rester.

Children of Joseph and Margaret (Rester) Heacock:

182 Sarah,

b. 6 - 7 - 1818;

m. 1857, Thomas Mendenhall, they lived at Muncy, Lycoming County, PA, Children, Lydia, Susan D.

183 Jesse,

b. 3 - 14 - 1820;

m. 2 - 20 - 1844, Lydia Parker, lived at Greenwood; children, Lucy, Elma, Acintha, Joseph, Anna M. Sarah E. Eli R., Susanna, Abigail H.

184 Josiah C.,

b. 11 - 14 - 1821;

Removed to Illinois in 1849.

185 Samuel,

b. 10 - 29 - 1823;

m. Susan Winner, lived in Columbia County, PA; children, Anna, Regina, Emma G., May, Laura, William, Louis, Lizzie.

186 Jane,

b. 9 - 9 - 1825;


187 Asenath,

b. 10 - 8 - 1826;

m. 2nd month 1856 Joshua Clayton; they soon after removed to Canada; children, Anna P., Isaac, Margaret R., James E., Joseph H.

188 Hannah,

b. 9 - 19 - 1828;

m. George M. Henry; children, Josiah W., Sarah M., Clement R., George W.

189 Amos,

b. 2 - 16 - 1830;


190 John,

b. 7 - 18 - 1833;


191 William,

b. 4 - 3 - 1836;


192 Martha,

b. 2 - 4 - 1838;

Martha was a teacher at Westtown Friends school for a number of years.

193 Joseph,

b. 1 - 1 - 1841;

Joseph was a carpenter and lived in Philadelphia.


73. JEREMIAH HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Josiah4), second son of Josiah and Jane (Green) Heacock, born 7th month, 1794, was reared at Greenwood, Columbia County, PA, and continued to reside there. He married, in 1830, Alice Evans.

Children of Jeremiah and Alice (Evans) Heacock:

194 Angelina,




195 Mary J.,




196 William E.,


m. 1868, Mary E. Smith


197 Esther,




198 Elwood,




199 Hannah A.,


m. 1868, Joseph Crawford



76. ENOS HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Josiah4), son of Josiah and Jane (Green) Heacock, born in Bucks County, PA, 1st month 9th, 1801, removed with his parents to Columbia County, PA, at the age of ten years. He married in 1823. Mary Ogden.

Children of Enos and Mary (Ogden) Heacock:

200 Isaac,

b. 6 - 20 - 1824;

m. Mary J. Harvey; children, Harvey E., Charles E., Stacy S., Anna T.

201 Jane,

b. 10 - 2 - 1826;



202 Rachel.

b. 11 - 24 - 1828;



203 Sarah Ann;

b. 1 - 10 - 1831;

m. Hendrick Bongs.


204 Elizabeth;


m. Uriah McHenry.


205 Abigail,

b. 10 - 28 - 1833;



206 Alfred,

b. 2 - 20 - 1835;

m. 1, Martha Mother, 2, Mary Ruckle


207 Josiah,

b. 4 - 20 - 1837;

m. Mary Ikler.


77. RICHARD HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Josiah4), son of Josiah and Jane (Green) Heacock, born in Bucks County, PA, 10th month 18th, 1802, removed with his parents to Columbia County, PA, in 1811. He married Sarah Cramer.

Children of Richard and Sarah (Cramer) Heacock:

208 Amanda,




209 Mary Jane,

m. Levi H. Priest; children, Louisa, William.

210 Rosamond T.,


m. Benton Cole.


211 Sophia,


m. Washington Ruckle


212 George,




213 Mathias.




79. SARAH HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Josiah4), daughter of Josiah and Jane Green Heacock, born in Bucks County, PA, 6th month 26th, 1908; married 10th month 4th, 1833, George Hester.

Children of George and Sarah (Heacock) Hester:

214 Jane A.,

215 Elizabeth H.

216 Joseph B.

217 Samuel B.,

218 Mary




82. Lavinia Heacock5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Josiah4), youngest child of Josiah and Jane (Green) Heacock, born at Greenwood, Columbia County, PA, 1st month 10th, 1820, married Michael Shoemaker.

Children of Michael and Lavinia (Heacock) Shoemaker:

219 Jane,


M. Albert Shields

226 John,

220 William,

222 Hannah,

224 Elizabeth,

227 Sarah,

221 Joseph,

223 Isaac,

225 Eli,

228 Rosamond,

83. ALFRED HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Richard4), eldest son of Richard and Sarah (Thomas) Heacock, born in Bucks County, 5th month 18th, 1804, was taken by his parents to Salem, Ohio, when a child. He studied medicine and practiced in Salem until his death. He married first, Hannah Townsend, who died soon after her marriage, without issue. Dr. Heacock married second, Maria L. Amon.

Children of Alfred and Maria L. (Amon) Heacock:

229 Virginia,

230 Alice,

231 Caroline

85. MARY ANN HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Richard4), daughter of Richard and Sarah (Thomas) Heacock, born in Salem, Ohio, married there in 1825, David W. Hunn.

Children of David W. and Mary Ann (Heacock) Hunn:

232 Angelina B.,

234 Richard W.,

236 Sebra,

233 James W.,

235 Columbus,

237 Elizabeth Jane

88. RACHEL W. HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Richard4), daughter of Richard and Sarah (Thomas) Heacock, born in Salem, Ohio, 8TH month 24th, 1817, married in 1840, Jacob Ketchem.

Children of Jacob and Rachel W. (Heacock) Ketchem:

238 Emily Jane,

240 Hannah Ann,

242 Mary Elizabeth,

239 Alfred,

241 Cyrus,


97. EDWIN HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Nathan4), second son of Nathan and Diana (Dennis) Heacock, born in Richland Township, Bucks County, PA, 4th month 19th, 1811, removed with his parents to Salem, Ohio, and married there 6th month 16th, 1836, Hannah Barber.

Children of Edwin and Hannah (Barber) Heacock:

243 Louis A., m. 7 - 6 - 1867; Pelina W. Monk; one child, Jacob Edwin.

244 Dennis, served three years in the Union Army during the Civil War; wounded at battle of

Chattanooga; m. 6 - 1 - 1865, Martha McKane; one son.

245 Isaac B. m. 5 - 17 - 1864; Amanda McMann; children, Eliza, Thomas C.

246 Nathan S., m. 4 - 3 - 1864; Maria McMann,; children, Wilson, Hannah M., Eliza.

247 Chalkey T.,

248 Curtis,

249 Edgar,

250 Emerson

98. JANE D. HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Nathan4), eldest daughter of Nathan and Diana (Dennis) Heacock, born in Richland Township, Bucks County, PA, 8th month 12th, 1812, married in Salem, Ohio, in 1831, Ezra Barton.

Children of Ezra and Jane D. (Heacock) Barton:

251 Emaline, m. 1852, Benjamin Gaskill; Children , Celeste, Lewis, Frank, William, Belle.

252 Angeline, m. 1861, Webster W. Richards; children, William, Ann, Eliza D., Anna M.

253 Jane D. m. 1859, Joshua Pollock; children, Willis, Mary, Harriet J.

99, ASENATH HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Nathan4), second daughter of Nathan and Diana (Dennis) Heacock, born in Richland Township, Bucks County, PA, 6th month 26th, 1814, married near Salem, Ohio, Nathan Thomas, and they settled in Henry County, Iowa.

Children of Nathan and Asenath (Heacock) Thomas:

254 Angeline

255 Mary Chalkley

256 Jane

100. MILTON HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jeremiah3, Nathan4), son of Nathan and Diana (Dennis) Heacock, born 12th month 23rd, 1815, married first, near Salem, Ohio, Rebecca Thomas and removed to Indiana. Rebecca Thomas died and Milton married second, in 1846, Hannah Ann Passmore and removed later to Nebraska City.

Children of Milton and Rebecca (Thomas) Heacock:

257 Sarah Jane,

m. George Passmore and lives in Indiana

258 Ann Eliza,

m. Benjamin Rosdel and lives in Nebraska; three children,

259 Ephraim,

m. and living in Nebraska.

Children of Milton and Hannah Ann (Passmore) Heacock:

260 Joseph Hindley,

262 Phebe Ann,

264 Alfred,

261 Wilson,

263 Mary C.


106a. TOBIAS S. HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, William 3, Edward4), eldest son of Edward and ____ Heacock, born in Richland, Bucks County, PA, in 1802, was reared in Philadelphia, but returned to Bucks County in early manhood and resided in Hilltown Township, Springtown, and other places in the county. He was a pump maker, making and repairing the old-fashioned wooden pumps made from a solid log and followed that vocation until his death in Hilltown, near the village of Dublin, 10th month 7th, 1880. He married Catherine Leidy of an old Bucks County family near Leidytown, in Hilltown Township, who died at about the same date as her husband.

Children of Milton and Hannah Ann (Passmore) Heacock:

265 Aaron,

b. 1833;

m. Elizabeth Krout;

d. 1 - 6 - 1915.

266 Miriam,

b. 1835;

m. Samuel Hutchins lived in Philly,

Children, Edward. Ida

267 Jonathan, b. 1838;

m. Annie H. Buckley, children, Caroline, Mary, Elizabeth, Helen, Amelia, Catherine, William, Edward, Julia living, in N. C.

268 Madison,

b. 1840

Went west, residence unknown.

269 Julia,

b. 1842

d. unmarried.

270 Sarah,

b. 1844;

d. unmarried

271 Edward,

b. 1846;

m. had two children: disappeared in 1882: supposed to be deceased; lived at Brockton, Mass.

272 Caroline,

b. 1848;

m. ---- Keith, living at Brockton, Mass.

273 Lavina,

b. ?, d. 1870

m. John Wilfong of North Wales, PA, no children.

119. AMOS BONSALL5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jonathan 3, Anna4), only surviving son of Benjamin and Anna (Heacock) Bonsall, was born on the old Bonsall homestead near Fernwood in Upper Darby, Delaware County, PA, 1st month 21st, 1832. He received his academic education in the school of Joseph Fell in Buckingham, Bucks County, and the Anthony Golmar at West Chester. In 1849 he entered the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania, but was obliged to abandon his course after one year by reason of failing eyesight. In 1852 he was commisioned a master's mate in the United States Navy, and three years later was appointed Second Officer on a vessel of Dr. Elisha Kent Kane's Artic expedition and spent two years in Artic Exploration.

In 1863 he was commisioned Captain of the Company R. Seventeenth (Emergency) Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, and served with that regiment under Col. Joseph Wilcox in repelling General Lee's raid into Pennsylvania. He was made a Director of the Pennsylvania School for Feebleminded Children at Elwyn in 1868 and 1878 a Director of the House of Refuge for Boys. He married 12th month 4th, 1856, Anna W. Wagner, daughter of Ferdinand and Sarah (Woodward) Wagner, of Easton, PA. She died April 11th, 1900.

Children of Amos and Anna W. (Wagner) Bonsall:

274 Ethel,

276 Elizabeth F.,

275 Sarah W.,

277 Mary W.,

137. PHEBE W. HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, Jonah4), daughter of Jonah and Abigail (Warner) Heacock, born in Richland, 3rd month 9th, 1818, married in 1849 David Wilson, and they were living in Henry County, Indiana, in 1869.

Children of David and Phebe W. (Heacock) Wilson:

278 Adeline B.,

279 Emma M.

138. WARNER HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, Jonah4), eldest son of Jonah and Abigail (Warner) Heacock, born in Richland, Bucks County, PA, 4th month 16th, 1821, continued to reside in Bucks County. He married in 1846 Alice Srigley of Byberry, where she was born 6th month 21st, 1820. She died in Quakertown, 2nd month 25th, 1895. Warner Heacock died 1st month 14th, 1897, in Philadelphia.

Children of Warner and Alice (Srigley) Heacock:


280 Charles G.,

b. 3 - 1847;

m. Amanda Johnson;

d. 10 - 5 - 1920.

281 Annie M.,

b. 8 - 17 - 1848;

m. Charles F. Foulke;

d. 9 - 15 - 1908.

282 Abigail E.,

b. 4 - 1850;

m. Joseph Johnson;


283 Joseph,

b. 8 - 1852;


d. 3 - 31 - 1876.

284 Susanna B.,

b. 1 - 1 - 1854;


d. 2 - 20 - 1878.

285 Ella Louisa,

b. 5 - 1858;

m. Isaac Mauger;


143. NATHAN BARCLAY HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, William4), only son of William and Lavina (Penrose) Heacock, was born in Rockhill, Bucks County, 4th month 10th, 1825. He was but six years of age when his parents removed to Plumstead Township and became members of Buckingham Meeting. He was reared on the Plumstead farm which he purchased of his father in 1856. He removed to Philadelphia about 1870, and was engaged in business there until his death in 191-. He married in 1850, Salome Fries.

Children of Nathan Barclay and Salome (Fries) Heacock:

286 William Winfield,

b. 2 - 4 - 1851;

m. Jennie L. Terwell;

d. 11 - 15 - 1919.

287 Araminda,

b. 10 - 5 - 1853;

m. 1st, Owen Neal,

m. 2nd, Evan Thomas

288 F. Filmore,

b. 12 - 19 - 1854;


d. 2 - 27 - 1867.

289 Dewitt Clinton,

b. 4 - 9 - -;

M. Laura Ferris;

d. 1 - 7 - 1919.

290 Edwin Elwood,

b. 10 - 28- 1856;


d. 6 - 17 - 1865;

291 Lorette,

b. 10 - 14 - 1858;

Unm. In Melbourne, Fla.

(Lives with Araminda)

292 Annie May,

b. 9 - 20 - 1860;

M. Louis N. Fender;

d. 1 - 19 - 1891.

293 Eva Lavina,

b. 3 - 1862;

M. Louis N. Fender;


294 Henry Fries,

b. 10 - 11 - 1863;

m. Coroline Kirby;


295 James Finley,

b. 5 - 28 - 1866;

Unm. Living in Stanwood Washington


148.THOMAS REECE HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, Jesse T.4), Only child of Jesse T. and Elizabeth (Reece) Heacock, was born at the residence of his maternal grandparents, Thomas and Elizabeth (David) Reece, at Blue Hill, Delaware County, PA, 4th month 14th, 1847. He was reared on his father's farm near Lima, in the same county, and educated at Friend's Boarding School at Fairville, PA. He remained on his father's farm, which he ultimately inherited, until the spring of 1909, when he removed to Llanerch, Delaware County, where he died 11th month 4th,1911. He was always deeply interested in the betterment of the public schools and served for many years as a school director of his native township, and until his removal therefrom in 1909. In 1869, in connection with William Heacock, he compiled and published the History of the Heacock Family. He married, 11th month 2nd, 1871, Amy Ella Altemus, daughter of Marshall and Susan D. Altemus, who survives him, and is living with her two unmarried daughters at the old home in Llanerch.

Children of Thomas Reece and Amy Ella (Altemus) Heacock:

296 Bessie Reece,

b. 6 - 17 - 1874;


d. 8 - 31 - 1874.

297 Jesse Marshall,

b. 7 - 19 - 1876;

living at Kirkland, Del. Co., PA, auditor for the

Auto Car Co., m. 6 - 2 - 1904; Mabel Florence




Jesse Marshall Jr.,

b. 2 - 26 - 1905,



Mabel Florence, Jr.,

b. 3 - 11 - 1911,



Thomas Reece,

b. 1 - 16 - 1913.

298 Elizabeth Reece,

b. 3 - 23 - 1879;

Unmarried a teacher at Haverford Twp. Schools.

  1. Davis Reece,

b. 6 - 23 - 1881;

Living ar Ridgeway, Elk Co., PA, where he is a foreman of a pattern making shop; m. 6 - 28 - 1907, Children;


Martha Alberts,

b. 4 - 20 1908.


Rozella Amy,

b. 12 - 21 - 1909.

300 Sidney Hoopes,

b. 6 - 22 - 1884;

Unmarried, a teacher in Upper Darby Township Schools, living with her mother at Llanerch.

301 William Altemus,

b. 6 - 6 - 1889;


d. 5 - 17 - 1890.

150. ELIZA HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, Joseph4), daughter of Joseph and Esther (Hallowell) Heacock, born in Jenkintown, PA, 9th month 25th, 1827, died at Wyncote 6th month 11th, 1911. She with her sister Jane (156) was for twenty years in charge of the Colored Orphan's Home, an institution maintained by the United States Government at Washington, DC. She was also with her other sisters a teacher in the Friend's School in Philadelphia, in addition to conducting the large and successful Heacock Select School at Chelten Hills, near their Wyncote home.

152. WILLIAM HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, Joseph4), son of Joseph and Esther (Hallowell) Heacock, born in Jenkintown, Montgomery County, PA, 8th month 15th, 1831, died in Philadelphia, 5th month 6th, 1897. He married, 2nd month 5th, 1863, Julia A. Overholtzer, born 7th month 31st, 1830, died 1st month 28th, 1901, daughter of John and Catherine (Waters) Overholtzer, of Evansburg, Montgomery County, PA.

Children of William and Julia (Overholtzer) Heacock:

301a Esther,

b. 1 - 10 - 1864;


d. 8 - 6 - 1878.

301b Ellwood,

b. 2 - 15 - 1866;

m. Lillian M. Bates


301c Alice,

b. 12 - 16 - 1873;

Adopted a daughter;

d. 8 - 4 - 1906.

153. EDWARD HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, Joseph4), son of Joseph and Esther (Hallowell) Heacock, was born in Jenkintown, PA, 2nd month 10th, 1834. He was educated at the Abington Friens School and learned the trade of a carpenter in Delaware. He went west 1859, crossing the plains with an ox-team to Pike's Peak Colorado, one of the horde of gold seekers flocking to that locality sometimes known as the "Fifty-Niners" in Contradistinction to the "Forty-Niners" of California. At that time, Fort Kearney was the only permanent residence of white man in what is now known as the state of Nebraska.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Edward Heacock went to Missouri and enlisted at Lexington, in Company F, First Missouri Light Artillery, U.S., being the first recruited for war in Missouri. He tool part in the battle for Wilson's Creek, Prairie Grove, the siege of Vicksburg, and in other engagements and was honorably discharged with the rank of Quartermaster's Sergeant. In 1867 he married, first, Jeanette Andrews of Camden, Ohio, and settled in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1870, he removed to Moberly, Missouri, where he was in charge of the building of bridges in the construction of the Missouri Pacific R.R. He later returned to St. Louis and about 1880 removed to the state of New York where he was superintendent of building construction in the Hudson River District of the West Shore R.R. from N.Y. to Troy. In 188_ he returned to Pennsylvania and built a residence on part of the Heacock homestead farm at Chelten Hills, where he resided until 1893, when, his wife having died, he went to California to live with his married daughter Jeanette. He later removed to Huntington, West Virginia, and lived there with his daughter Annie M. (Heacock) Whittaker, until his death on 7th month 3rd, 1918. His remains were brought to Abington, and buried in The Friends Burial Ground there.

Edward Heacock, as above stated married, first, Jeanette I. Andrews of Camden, Ohio. She died in St. Louis, Missouri, 8th month 10th, 1868, and he married, second, 5th month 3rd, 1870, Helen N. Whitmore, of Coldwater, Michigan, a descendant of Ethan Allen, a family of Vermont.

Child of Edward and Jeanette I. (Andrews) Heacock:

302 Annie Minerva,

b. 1868, St. Louis, MO

m. Alfred Whittaker.

Child of Edward and Helen N. (Whitmore) Heacock:

303 Joseph Linden,

b. 7 - 28 - 1873 at Moberley Missouri;

m. Caroline L. Betts;


304 Jeanette C.,




305 Nellie,



Died in infancy.

306 Mary,



Died in infancy.

307 Edna

b. 2 - 15 - 1887. Graduated from Mt. Holyoke College. She was principal of a public school at Ainsworth, Neb. In 1919 she was the only woman member of the staff at Gilliland Laboratories at Ambler, PA. In 1920 she became bacterioligist of the Squibb's Laboratories at New Brunswick, NJ, where she now (1922) resides.

158.HON. JOSEPH HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, Joseph4), son of Joseph and Esther (Hallowell) Heacock, was born at Jenkintown, PA, 7th month 11th, 1846. He was educated at The Friend's School at Abington and the Friend's Central School, Philadelphia. He was reared on his father's farm at Wyncote, Cheltenham, Township, Montgomery County, PA, and early became interested in improving the science of agriculture. In 1871 he went to Pittsburgh and spent three years in the iron works there, and one year in charge of a lime Quarry at Uniontown, Fayette County, PA.

In 1875 he returned home and took charge of his father's farm, first, giving special attention to truck farming. In 1876 he erected the first of his later mammoth greenhouses and devoted his principal attention to the propagation of flowers. He later purchased a farm at Roelofs, Bucks County, and erected large greenhouses there. He also added a dairy and erected model stables and kept one of the finest herds of dairy cattle in the country. The milk furnished by his dairy was considered far superior to the milk ordinarily sold, and brought a superior price. The business was operated in 1906 as the Joseph Heacock Company.

Joseph Heacock was elected to the State Senate of Pennsylvania in 1910, and served one term of four years. He was later a candidate for Congress in the eighth district on the Progressive and Democratic ticket, but was defeated at the polls. He was a man of excellent ability and highly respected in the community in which he lived. He died at Wyncote 3rd month 18th, 1918. He married 7th month 5th. Elizabeth Walker, born 5th month 8th, 1843, daughter of Thomas Robinson and Mary (Baynes) Walker, of a prominent Friends family, of the Chester Valley, near Valley Forge. She survives him and resides at Wyncote.

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Walker) Heacock:

308 Fannie B.,

Died in infancy

309 James Walker,

b. 1879, President of the Joseph Heacock Company; m. Lucy Orne; one child, James Walker Jr.

310 Esther,

b. 1880, unmarried and living at Wyncote, PA.

311 Mary,

Died in infancy

312 Priscilla W.,

Living, unmarried.

313 Edward Rockhill,

b. 1885, He graduated at the University of Pennsylvania in the class of 1907, and was lost in the Canadian Rockies while on an exploring expedition made up of the Alumni and under-graduates of the university in the summer of 1907.

160. HANNAH FOULKE HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, Enos4), daughter of Enos and Sarah (Foulke) Heacock, born in Rockhill, Bucks County, PA, 3rd month 17th, 1828, removed with her parents to Indiana in 1845, and was still living in Knightstown, Indiana, in 1909. She married Levi P. Wood.


314 Joseph H.,

317 Phebe Alice,

319 Enos,

315 Sarah H.,

318 Chalkley,

320 Charles Sumner,

316 William Owen,



161. HUGH FOULKE HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, Enos4), son of Enos and Sarah (Foulke) Heacock, born in Rockhill Township, Bucks County, PA, 1st month 29th, 1831, was fourteen years of age when the family removed to Lewisville, Indiana, He married there Mary Ann Fairbanks.

Children of Hugh Foulke and Mary Ann (Fairbanks) Heacock:

321 Mary Ann,

322 Edgar,

323 John I.,

324 Sarah Florence,

164. ENOS ELWOOD HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, Enos4), son of Enos and Sarah (Foulke) Heacock, born in Rockhill Township, Bucks County, PA, 6th month 5th, 1843, was but two years old when the family removed to Lewisville, Indiana, where he was reared and educated. He married Ann Weaver and was living in Quincy, Illinois, in 1809.

Children of Enos Elwood and Ann (Weaver) Heacock:

325 Ulysses G., m.

326 Clara Lenora,

327 Elwood,

169. JONAH HEACOCK5, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, Nathan4), son of Nathan and Eliza (Hallowell) Heacock, born 7th month 22nd, 1840, in Rush County, Indiana, married, 6th month 18th, 1868, Zilpha Holloway. She was born 8th month 29th, 1848, and was the daughter of Jason and Sarah Jane (Rawls) Holloway, of Wabash County, Indiana.

Children of Jonah and Zilpha (Hollowell) Heacock:

329a Edwin Holloway,

b. 5 - 22 - 1869;

m. Helen Josephine Taylor.

329b Florence,

b. 11 - 4 - 1871;


265. AARON HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, William 3, Edward4, Tobias S. 5), Eldest son of Tobias S. and Catherine (Leidy) Heacock, was born in Hilltown Township, Bucks County, PA, in 1833, and died in that township, near the village of Dublin, 1st month 6th, 1915. He learned the trade of pump making with his father and followed that vocation in connection with farming for many years. In 1876 he purchased a farm of eighty acres adjoining the present borough of Dublin and lived thereon until his death. He married in 1860 Elizabeth Krout, of an old Pennsylvania-German family, who were among the first settlers in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, where she was born in 1835. She died at Dublin in 1913. They became members of the Mennonite Church.

Children of Aaron and Elizabeth (Krout) Heacock:

330 Annie,

b. 1862;

m. Milton Benner; living near Souderton PA, no children.

331 Lavina,

b. 1863;

m. 1st, Joseph Leatherman; living near Dublin, PA; children, Naomi, Asher, Joseph, Rueben. She married 2nd, Rueben Rickert of Dublin, PA: children, Katie, Harry.

332 Lizzie,

b. 1865;

m. John F, Leatherman; living in New Britain Township, Bucks County; children, Walter H., living on the home farm; Arthur H., m. Barbara Nice, living in Doylestown,; Roy, living at home.

333 Edward,

b. 2 -17 - 1867;

m. Ella Landis.

334 Catherine,

b. 1869;

m. Jonas Hunsberger; living on the Heacock homestead at Dublin; children, Ray, m. Elsie Bishop; Earle. m. Estelle Detweiler; Paul, m. Edna Ruth.

280. CHARLES G. HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse 3, Jonah4, Warner5,), eldest son of Warner and Alice (Srigley) Heacock, born in Richland Township, Bucks County, PA, 3rd month 1847, died in philadelphia, 10th month 5th, 1920. He married Amanda Johnson, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Rynear) Johnson, of Richland. She was born in Richland, 3rd month 24th, 1845, and is still living in Philidelphia. He was buried in Richland Friend's Burial Ground.

Children of Charles G. and Amanda (Johnson) Heacock:

335 Joseph,



d. young.

336 Alonzo,



d. young.

337 Edgar P.,

b. 1876

m. Rachel Fryant no children

Living in Glassboro, NJ 1920

338 J. Levi,

b. 1879

m. Effie Lacey; children, Josephine, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Lawrence.

Living on N. 61st St. Philadelphia. (1920)

286. WILLIAM WINFIELD HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, William4, Nathan B.5,), eldest son of Nathan Barclay and Salome (Fries) Heacock, born at Carversville, Bucks County, PA, 2nd month 4th, 1851, went to Kansas to live in 1872, and later removed to the far west dying in Seattle, Washington, 11th month 5th, 1919. He married Jennie Louise Terwell, of Minneapolis, Minn. She died at Moscow, Idaho, 10th month 16th, 1900.

Children of William Winfield and Jennie Louise (Terwell) Heacock:

339 Helen Frances,

b. 7 - 14 - 1876;

m. Jacob Kaufman, living in Seattle;


340 Odean Horace,

b. 11 - 2 - 1882;

Umarried in Chicago;


341 Emma Loretta,

b. 3 - 1 - 1885;



342 Willaim Winfield,

b. 2 - 22 - 1888;

m. Florence Louise Erschell.


343 Walter,

b. 4 - 7 - 1891;

Wilmington, Delaware.

d. 4 - 20 - 1891

287. ARMINDA HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, William4, Nathan B.5,), oldest daughter of Nathan Barclay and Salome (Fries) Heacock, born at Carversville, Bucks County, PA, 10th month 5th, 1853, married first,2nd month 1883, Owen Neal, and they lived for some time in Florida. He died on his way north aat Florence, North Carolina, 11th month 4th, 1886, and was buried at Camden in that state. She married second, Evan Thomas, who died at Melbourne, Florida, where she still resides, they have no children.

289. DE WITT CLINTON HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, William4, Nathan B.5,), fourth child of Nathan Barclay and Salome (Fries) Heacock, born at Carversville, Bucks County, PA, married, 12th month 7th, 1882, Laura Cook Ferris. They resided at Ogontz, PA, where he died 1st month 7th, 1919. His widow resides with there with her only child.

Children of DeWitt Clinton and Laura Cook (Ferris) Heacock:

344 Elsie May,

b. 5 - 5 - 1888;



292. ANNIE MAY HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, William4, Nathan B.5,), daughter of Nathan Barclay and Salome (Fries) Heacock, born at Carversville, Bucks County, PA, 9th month 20th, 1860, married, 1st month 28th, 1880, Louis N. Fender. She died 1st month 19th, 1891, in Philadelphia, PA, and he married 2nd, 3rd month 2nd, 1891, her sister, Eva Lavina, and they reside at Glenside, PA.

Child of Louis N. and Annie May (Heacock) Fender:

345 Annie May,

b. 10 - 10 - 1890;

Living at Glenside.


Children of Louis N. and Eva Lavina (Heacock) Fender:

346 Raymond H.,

347 Earle.

294. HENRY FRIES HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, William4, Nathan B.5,), ninth child of Nathan Barclay and Salome (Fries) Heacock, born at Carversville, Bucks County, PA, 10th month 11th, 1863, is a dealer in store fixtures at 51 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia. He married, 2nd month 22nd, 1893, Caroline Kirby, also of Philadelphia.

Child of Henry Fries and Caroline (Kirby) Heacock:

348 Monroe Kirby,

b. 8 - 22 - 1897;

m. Edna May Schweilert;


301b. ELWOOD HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, William4, William 5,), son of William and Julia (Overholtzer) Heacock, born 2nd month 15th, 1866, married, 4th month 26th, 1893, Lillian M. Bates, born 8th month 22nd, 1867, daughter of Frances G. and Mary A. (Brooks) Bates, of Springfield, Mass, later of Philadelphia, PA. Elwood and his wife ate living in Philadelphia.

Children of Elwood and Lillian M. (Bates) Heacock:

348a Gladys M.,

b. 1 - 29 - 1897;

m. 4 - 3 - 1921, George William MacFarland, living in Camden, NJ, child, George William, b. 4 - 12 - 1922

348b Florence Mabelle,

b. 1 - 6 - 1899;

m. 3 - 26 - 1917, Carlisle W. Taylor, living at State College, PA, child, Jean Carlisle, b 3 - 19 - 1918.

348c Hazel M.,

b. 11 - 12 - 1902;

A student at Cornell University.

302. ANNIE MINERVA HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Joseph4, Edward 5,), only child of Edward and Jeanette I (Andrews) Heacock, born in St. Louis,MO, in 1868, married Alfred W. Whittaker, of Camden, Ohio, and they removed to Huntington, West Virginia.

Children of Alfred W. and Annie Minerva (Heacock) Whittaker:

349 Alfred Heacock,

350 Elizabeth Heacock,

352 Dorothy,

303. JOSEPH LINDEN HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Joseph4, Edward 5,), only son of Edward and Helen N. (Whitmore) Heacock, born at Moberly Missouri, 7th month 28th, 1873, graduated from the Department of Agriculture, University of Pennsylvania, in 1899, and has since practiced his profession in Philadelphia. He married, in 1904, Caroline Lancaster Betts, daughter of Colonel Charles Malone Betts, of Philadelphia, and his wife, Louisa G. Hance; the latter being a daughter of David E. Hance, a member of the firm of Hance Brothers and White, of Philadelphia, by his wife, Sarah (Jordon) Lancaster. J. Linden and Caroline L. (Betts) reside in Germantown.


352 Frances Caroline,

b. 7 - 26 - 1905;

354 Edward Lancaster,

b. 8 - 18 - 1919;

353 J. Linden Jr.,

b. 10 - 17 - 1909



304. JEANETTE C. HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Joseph4, Edward 5,), daughter of Edward and Helen N. (Whittaker) Heacock, born in Moberly Missouri, married and they reside in California.

325. ULYSSES G. HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Enos 4, Enos Elwood5,), eldest child of Enos Elwood and Ann (Weaver) Heacock, born in Quincy Illinois, married _________.

Children of Ulysses G. and _______ (____) Heacock:

355 Clara Leonora,

Died young

356 Cora H.,

Living in Topeka, Kansas.

357 Frank E.,

Died young.

358 George W.,

Died young.

359 Edward M.,

Living in Chicago.

360 Charles S.,

Living in Austin, Texas; m. Edna MacHillyer, of Austin, children, Charles S. Jr., Edward M., Cora, m. J.D. Hall

361 Walker D.,

Died young.

329a. EDWIN HOLLOWAY HEACOCK6, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Nathan4, Jonah5,), son of Jonah and Zilpha (Holloway) Heacock, born 5th month 22nd, in Wabash County, Indiana. He married, 12th month 23rd, 1905, Helen Josephine Taylor, daughter of Albert and Mary (Conlon) Taylor of Detroit. She was born 9th month 27th, 1876.

Child of Edwin H. and Helen J. (Taylor) Heacock:

361a Robert Taylor,

b. 11 - 20 - 1907.

333. EDWARD HEACOCK7, (Jonathan1, William2, William3, Edward4, Tobias5, Aaron6,), son of Aaron and Elizabeth (Krout) Heacock, was born Hilltown Township, Bucks County, PA, 2nd month 17th,1867. He married, in 1887, Ella Landis, of Plumstead Township, and purchased a farm in that township, near Fountainville, on which he still resides.

Children of Edward and Ella (Landis) Heacock:

362 Willis, b. 1888;

m. 1st, Sallie Leatherman; 2nd, Bertha Watts; children, Paul, Claude, Ruth.

363 Kate,

m. Wilson Haring of Plumstead.

364 Bessie,

m. Wilson Long of Gardenville, 3 children.

365 Mary,

m. Lt. Walter Hubbard who served in the World War; reinstalled in the U.S. Army, and sailed for the Phillipines Oct., 29,1920; wife and child accompany him.

366 Warren,


367 Ella,

Single living at home.

368 Marvin,

Single living at home.

342. WILLIAM WINFIELD HEACOCK JR7, (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, William4, Nathan B.5, William W.6,), son of William Winfield and Jennie L. (Terwell) Heacock, born at Wilmington Delaware, 2nd month 22nd, 1888, later went west with his parents, finally located at Seattle, Washington. He married Florence Louise Erschell, of Newport, Kentucky,

Children of William Winfield and Florence Louise (Erschell) Heacock:

369 Erschell Winfield,

b. 4 - 8 - 1912.

370 Willaim Edwards,

b. 1 - 24 - 1914.