This better copy of the Buffalo Evening News article of May 2, 1931 was submitted by Larry Arnett of British Columbia, Canada, for admission to this page and it has much more detail than the copy I had. I have edited out the newspaper style columns and eliminated the picture of Jonathan preparing to cross the Niagara. This was done in the interest of easier viewing on the web page.


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Fifty years before Buffalo was chartered as a city and nearly 20 years before the founding of Buffalo Village, Pennsylvania Quakers had begun the penetration of the Niagara Peninsula of Canada. Today their descendants are numbered by thousands, although the number of Quaker religious congregations and the membership thereof have shrunk almost to nothing.

Honest, industrious, God-fearing and courageous they dared the perils of the wilderness long before even territorial government was established in Ontario dared it with no weapons raised against the Indian aborigines and conquered the wilds by kindliness for order, peace and brotherly good will. As a religious sect the Quakers are well- nigh forgotten; but as a living force in shaping the Canadian character, in maintaining with Americans of like mind the celebrated border without a fortress and in the well-nigh religious fervor with which laws governing personal conduct are made and enforced, their influence continues down to the present day, apparently unmodified by time.

When Ezekiel Dennis married Ann Heacock at the little Friends' meeting in Richland, Bucks county, Pa, in 1774, that colony was well staked out in flourishing farms Ezekiel and Ann might in time look forward to a share in the substantial holdings of her father, Jonathan Heacock and the farm of the elder Dennis was also fertile and well-furnished; but in the golden West was ample tillage, free for the taking to those of stout heart and willing hand. In 1782, Ezekiel and Ann turned their faces toward Canada and set out with their six children, Amy, a sturdy lass of eight; the twins, Abigail and John 7; Mary, 6; Joel, 3, and Keziah, an infant at the breast.

How they crossed the rushing Niagara to what is now Ft. Erie, long before even the first rude ferry began to ply the river, is not known to the present writer presumably friendly Indians in canoes towed them over. At any rate, cross it they did, and lived a dozen years or more on land they cleared near the present site of Ft. Erie. About 1794, they removed to Clinton county, with all the family, now grown to 11 souls, not counting William Hutchins, who had wooed and won 14-year-old Amy Dennis six years before, and little Margaretta Hutchins, born in 1790.

Six years after Ezekiel and Ann Dennis prodded their oxen westward from Richland, her brother Jonathan, with a numerous party, followed in the trail they had blazed. Tradition has it that besides Jonathan's three married sisters, Deborah, wife of Ambrose Coho; Susannah, wife of William Lloyd and Amy, wife of James Crawford, with their husbands and families, his brother, John Heacock, with his wife, she who had been Esther Pyle, and numerous progeny, started with Jonathan also. Arrived at the Niagara, so tradition runs, John looked askance at the swift current which then as now rushes toward its plunge over the brink at from six to eight miles an hour.

"Does thee think it prudent to venture over, with the beasts and the baggage and the little ones?" he is said to have queried.

"We are in the hollow of God's hand" Jonathan is said to have replied. "If he willeth it, we shall find safe crossing."

John turned westward with his party, settling presently in Stark county, Ohio. A century afterward John's grandson, Joel Heacock, minister for many years to the Quaker meeting at West Branch, Ia., is said to have imparted to the child Herbert Hoover his early knowledge of the tenets of that faith, which, in all the pomp of power and his place as president of a great nation has never wavered.

Jonathan, with the rest of the party intact, turned northward and followed the river from what is now Buffalo to a point below Niagara Falls. With an improvised windlass the heavy oxcarts were lowered down the steep incline which, nowadays known as the Lewiston hill, still presents plenty of difficulty even for panting motorcars, and building a raft of logs hewn on the bank, passed safely to the other side.

The first year was one of terrible privation and suffering. The pioneers lived on berries, roots, bark even the leaves of trees and bushes were pressed into service as food. One only succumbed Ambrose Coho, sturdy pioneer in the pride of middle life died of fever induced by lack of food. Contemplating from the distance of 142 years this tragic picture of misery and want, what shall be said of the courage, the self-denial and the devotion of Ambrose Coho whose wife and seven children including little John at his mother's breast, were enabled through his sacrifices to survive that winter of frenzied hunger whilst he, the strongest of them all, literally starved himself to death? In the roll of frontier heroes on both sides of the border are many illustrious names the names of dashing warriors, of daring explorers and of intrepid sailors on the inland seas; but few there are who will consent to die by inches in the agonies of hunger when weaker ones, wholly subject to their will, have enough at least to subsist on. Ambrose's widow, Deborah, lived nearly 50 years after her husband's passing and died in 1848, aged 99 years.

Among the multitudes who now populate the bustling cities, thriving villages and prosperous farmsteads of the Niagara peninsula of Canada, all too little is known of these early pioneers. Historians know, perhaps, that there was a period known as "the year of starvation" in 1789 it has come down in legends told about the blazing log- fires of later and more prosperous generations of Canadians.

That they were making history and laying the foundations for another great and powerful empire probably never occurred to these early settlers of the Niagara peninsula, when they infiltrated its wilds long before there was any semblance even of territorial government.

Into Canada the Quaker immigrants brought those principles of forthright simplicity, sobriety, personal integrity and fair dealing which had enabled their forebears, led by William Penn, to found Pennsylvania as the only commonwealth in the United Stated which was free from warfare with the Indians. There was in them neither hatred nor fear of any human being. History bears witness that Quakers never doffed their hats to kings, to potentates or even to judges in the court of law; that they submitted in simple dignity, level-eyed and serenely erect to scourgings, flayings and burnings in New England but would not forbear their preaching of peace and brotherhood even in the face of death; that John Till, the maternal great-grandfather of Deborah, Ann, Amy, Susannah and Jonathan Heacock among these very settler, had lain in prison in Stafford, England at the grim behest of Oliver Cromwell, for six long years for failure to attend the public worship, until released by Charles the Second, but would not yield his faith. Of such stock were made these early Canadian pioneers.

For more than 30 years William Hallowell Heacock of Philadelphia (1831-1897) pursued his researches looking toward the publication of a revised version of the History of the Heacock Family published in Philadelphia in 1869 by Thomas Reece Heacock. With access to the records of the Society of Friends, a faithful and precise chronicle of the membership back to 1711 when Jonathan and Ann (Till) Heacock arrived in Chester, Pa. from Stafford, Eng., he labored patiently through many years. Death overtook him in 1897.

It would perhaps be too much to say that the records of the early families of the Niagara peninsula compiled by William Heacock of Philadelphia and published for the first time in this issue of The Buffalo Evening News, is as important a contribution to the genealogical history of Ontario as was the passenger list of the Mayflower to New England, or of the first list of bona fide forty-niners to California. At any rate, while imperfect and by no means complete, I am persuaded that these records of early Canada and early Canadian pioneers constitute a substantial contribution to border history and as much should be given to the public even though the purpose in gathering them was strictly personal and private. There is, moreover, the hope that living descendants who are able easily to trace their own descent from these pioneer families will communicate with the Heacock Family association. Post office box 244, Buffalo, N. Y., with a view to their inclusion in the forthcoming family history and that they will also have a share in the reunion of Heacock descendants to take place in Buffalo in 1932.

In order to economize space in the appended list of pioneers and their descendants obvious abbreviations have been used for the frequently recurring words born, married and died.

Descendants of

Ezekiel and Ann (Heacock)


EZEKIEL DENNIS married Ann Heacock in 1773 and settled first at Rockhill, Pa. Ann born 1751, was the daughter of Jonathan 2d and Susannah (Morgan) Heacock. They migrated from Rockhill to Fort Erie, Canada, in 1782, later removing to Clinton, Canada, where Ann died in 1813 from the effects of a dose of opium administered by a physician. Their children:

William and Amy (Dennis)


AMY DENNIS, b. 1774, d. 1837, m. William Hutchins of Dorchester, Eng., 1788. Their children:

MARGARETTA HUTCHINS b 1790, m. John Starks, settled in Michigan and had: Jane D. Starks, m. William Manker; Margaretta Starks m. first Patrick Howard, second John Cranson; David Starks m. Sarah Ann Guiles; John Starks and William Starks.

ANN HUTCHINS, b. 1793, m. John Cranson as his second wife.

ELEANOR HUTCHINS, b. 1795, m. Amos Lane, her first cousin. See records of Amos Lane.

ELIZABETH HUTCHINS b. 1800 m John Green as second wife.

WILLIAM HUTCHINS, b. 1809, m. Hannah Brush. Their children: William Hutchins, m. Mary Bruner, had four children names not reported; Peter Hutchins m. Josephine Jeffrey, settled at Mersea, Can., had two children, names not reported; Hannah Hutchins m. William Gegler, settled in Michigan; Silas Hutchins m. Fanny Bailey, settled at Malden, Can.; James Hutch-ins b. 1845, m. Minnie Bruner 1871, settled at Colchaster, Can. and had Lewis b. 1873; Francis Hutchins m. Elizabeth Best, settled at Malden, Can.; Emma Hutchins.

CHARLES HUTCHINS, b. 1811, m. Cynthia Doan, b. 1808, settled by Deer Creek, Neb. Their children: Mary J. Hutchins b.1836 m. Chauncey Loomis; John W. Hutchins b. 1837, m. Saman-tha Bolt; Anna Hutchins b. 1839, m. John White; Ellen Hutchins, b. 1840, m. Nicholas Kelly; Charles A., Joseph A., Nancy, Alma M., Rachel M. and Israel A. Hutchins.

JOHN HUTCHINS b. 1814, m. Anna Lane, his first cousin, 1842. Their children; Melissa b. 1843; George b. 1844; Ephraim b. 1845; Lucinda b. 1847; Amanda b. 1850; Sarah b. 1851; Emily b. 1852; Wheeler b 1856; James b 1867 and Wilson Hutchins b. 1868.

MARY HUTCHINS b. 1818 m. John Goodchild 1832, settled in Colchester, Can. and had John R. Goodchild b. 1833, m. Mary Ann Caldwell and had six: William b. 1865, Eleanor b. 1866, Robert b. 1867, James b. 1868, Anna b. 1871, and Louis Goodchild b. 1873; William Goodchild, b. 1835; Charles Goodchild b. 1838; Eleanor Goodchild b. 1840, m. James Maycock 1865 and had John James b. 1866, William Overland b. 1868, George Ellison b. 1870, Henry Albert b. 1873 and Mary A. Maycock b 1874; Francis Goodchild b. 1842; Henry A. Goodchild b. 1842; Hannah M Goodchild b. 1847, m. Robert C. Lypps 1870; Julia A. Goodchild b. 1853; Amos W. Goodchild b. 1853; Thomas Goodchild b. 1855 and Alvira J. Goodchild b. 1858.

Jonathan and Abigail (Dennis)


ABIGAIL DENNIS, b. 1775, m. Jonathan, son of Isaac Lane in 1791, settled in Clinton County, Can. Their children:

EZEKIEL LANE, b 1793, d 1870, m. Mary Aurey 1812 and had: Elizabeth Ann b.1819, m. George W Kinley 1834 and had Mary Elizabeth Jane who married ----- Cook. Emily who married -------- Booth and Nancy Kinley who married Albert McMarthy; Levi Lane, b. 1820, d. 1857, m. Peachy Bush and had Alwilda who married William Stephens, Sarah A. who married Richard Mason, Walton W. Arthur and Mary Lane who married J. E. Elga; Dennis Lane, b. 1823, m. Mary Atkin 1860, settled at Amherstburg, Ont., and had George I. b. 1862, Mary Jane b. 1864, Erin Ann b. 1866 and Ida Etta Lane b. 1871; Harriet Lucinda lane b. 1826, m. George Ryan 1843 and had Elizabeth Ryan who married ---------- Freeman.

ISAAC LANE, b. 1795, m. ---- Harris, settled in Trafalgar township, had one son Jonathan Lane, b. 1825, who married ----- settled in Amherstburg and had a daughter Alwilda Lane b. 1850.

AMOS LANE, b. 1797, d. 1853, m. Eleanor Hutchins his first cousin 1821, settled in Colchester, Can., and had: Mary, b. 1823, m. Ransom Leach settled in Oakville, Can., and had six children: John Lane, b. 1827, m. Sarah Brown, settled as a carpenter in Leamington, Can.; Amy Lane, b. 1830, m. Solomon Fox, a farmer in Colchester, Can., and had seven children; Abigail Lane b. 1834, m. William Mortley and settled in Illinois; Amos Lane b. 1832, m. Mary Hoffman settled in Colchester, Can. And had three children; James W. Lane b. 1837, d. 1864, m. Jane Whittle and settled in Midland, Mich.; Margaretta Lane b. 1839, m. Charles Graham and settled in Michigan; Julia Lane, b. 1843, m James Stuart and settled in Gosfield, Can.; Hannah Lane b. 1846.

AARON LANE, b 1799, m. ------. No report.

JOHN LANE , b. 1801, m. ------. No report.

ANNA LANE b 1810 m John Hutchins, her first cousin. See report of John Hutchins.

John and Elizabeth (Horton) Dennis.

JOHN DENNIS, b. 1775, m. Elizabeth Horton. Their children:

HANNAH DENNIS m Andrew Swatzy and had six children, names not reported; Catherine Dennis m. Samuel Huston; Ann Dennis m. Peter Ridenburgh; Mary Dennis m. John Stewart; James Dennis m. Serena Cowl; Margaret Dennis m. John Vinson; Stephen Dennis m. ---------- Peck.

Nathan and Mary (Dennis) Johnson.

MARY DENNIS b. 1776, d. 1860, m. Nathan Johnson 1798, settled in Clinton county, Can. Their children:

MARY JOHNSON, b. 1798, d. 1855, m. William Hillts, settled in Esquelyn, Can. and had eight children.

JEREMIAH JOHNSON, b.1801, d. 1825, m. Mary Booker, settled in Esquelyn, Can. and had Joseph Johnson b. 1823, m. Harriet, daughter of Philip and Catherine Barrett, 1848, settled at Port Royal, Can. and had Wellington b. 1849, Celeste b. 1851, Ada b. 1853, Aminta b. 1856 and Hugh Johnson b, 1859; Mary Johnson b. 1827, m. Henry son of Michael and Rebekah Rittenhouse, 1850, settled at South Cayuga, Can. and had Freeman b. 1852 and Albert Rittenhouse b. 1856.

ANN JOHNSON b 1803, d. 1850, m. Michael McCombs settled in Clinton county, Can. and had: Stephen H. McCombs b. 1824, m. Amy Coho his mother's cousin, 1845, settled in Thorold and had: Mary b. 1846, William Ambrose b 1847, John Michael b 1849, Vesta Ann, b. 1851, Deborah Alvirah, b. 1852, Jeremiah Wellington b. 1853, Edward Ellery b. 1856, Amy Elizabeth b. 1858, Sarah Malvina b. 1861, Ann Arletta b. 1863, Elerta Jane b. 1865 and Frank Albert McCombs b. 1868; John S. McCombs b. 1826, m. 1850 Sarah Maria daughter of John and Mary Coho his mother's cousin and had: Massey Maria b. 1850, Mary Margaret b. 1852, Anna Alvira b. 1856, John Edward b. 1858, Samuel Harvey b. 1861, Stephen Henry b. 1863 and David Johnson McCombs b. 1864; Alvira McCombs b. 1830, m. Sidle Ball; William McCombs b 1832 m Elizabeth McDorman (McDermott?); Hiram McCombs b 1834 m Delilah Weeks; Mary Ann McCombs b. 1836, d. 1863, m. Jonathan Williams; Aaron McCombs b. 1838; Malvina McCombs b. 1840 m. William Todd.

NAOMI JOHNSON b. 1804, d. 1872, m. George, son of John and Margaret Moote, settled in Esquelyn, Can. and had four children, names not reported.

HANNAH JOHNSON b. 1806, d. 1852, m. Allen, son of Joseph and Rebeka Lane, settled in Gainesborough, Can. and had Henry, Mary Ann, Jane, Joseph, Sarah, Margaret, Zenas, Elizabeth Ann and Melissa Lane.

NATHAN JOHNSON b. 1810, m. Ann Handershot, 1834, settled in Gainesborough, Can. and had: Naaman Johnson b. 1836, m. Emma -------, settled as a miner at Nevada City and had a son, Charles Nathan Johnson; Nathan David Johnson b.1838, m. Elizabeth ------, settled on a farm; William Colborn Johnson b. 1840, m. Fannie Faist, 1865, settled at Buffalo, N.Y. and had Wilmer C. b. 1866 and Nathan Johnson b. 1870; Michael Enoch Johnson b. 1844; Ada Isabelle Johnson b. 1847; John Hamilton Johnson b. 1850; Charles Laben Johnson b. 1851.

REBECCA JOHNSON b. 1808, d. 1850, m. Marcus Dimon 1841, settled at Blenheim, Can., and had: Lucy Maria Dimon who married Philip Pufford; Andrew, Mary, Sarah, Horace and Amy Dimon.

SARAH JOHNSON b. 1813, d. 1847, m. Jacob W., son of Joseph and Elizabeth Dennis, settled in Clinton, Can. and had: Leonard b. 1834 and Cynthia Dennis b. 1836.

GEORGE JOHNSON b. 1815, m. Mary, daughter of Philip and Sarah Fox, 1838, settled in Gainesborough, Can. and had: Philip, George W., Sarah Elizabeth and Jeremiah Johnson.

WILLIAM H. JOHNSON b. 1818, m. Sarah, daughter of Philip and Sarah Fox, 1841, settled in Clinton, Can. and had: Ithamer b. 1843; Adoniram b. 1845; Nathan Hector b. 1846; Manorie b. 1849, m. Elias Williams and settled in Gainesborough, Can.; Valorous b. 1850; William M. b. 1853; Marshall B. b. 1855; Sarah Jane b. 1857; Naaman C. b. 1859; Horatio b. 1861; Adelaide b. 1863; Ellen Salome b. 1865 and Albert Johnson b. 1868.

Joel and Ann (Horton) Dennis.

JOEL DENNIS, b. 1780, d. 1853, m. Ann Horton 1806 and settled on the homestead in Clinton, Can. Their children:

SARAH DENNIS, b. 1808, m. Philip Felker, settled in Lincoln, Can. and had: Joel D. Felker, b. 1833, m. Martha A. Merritt 1849, and had: George b. 1861, Jane b. 1862, Emma b. 1863 and Matila Felker, b. 1866; Emily Felker, b. 1837, m. Solomon Merritt, 1858, and had: Flora A. b. 1859, Sarah A. b. 1861 and Fransella Merritt b. 1869.

LYDIA DENNIS b. 1810, d. 1858 m. Courtland Strawn, 1831, settled in Moulton county, Can. and had: Joel D. Strawn, m Elizabeth Williams; Matilda C. Strawn m. David Loganhas; Mahlon B. Strawn and James V. Strawn, m. -------- Hoover.

EZEKIEL DENNIS, b. 1811, m. Jane Tolman, 1836, settled in Fenwick, Can. and had: Peter T. Dennis m. Mary C. Smith; Lavert W. Dennis m. Harriet Jimeson; Joel W. Dennis m. Eliza Baughman.

ISAAC DENNIS, b. 1813, m. Mary Griffin, 1835, settled in Clinton county, Can. and had: Leander Louisa Dennis, m. George H. Johnson; Joel M. and Emaline Dennis.

MARY DENNIS, b. 1816, d. 1851 m. Joseph Felker, 1834, settled in Moulton county, Can. and had: Jane Felker, b. 1836, m. William Phillips; Martha Felker, b. 1837, m. William Overholt; Huldah Felker b 1839, m Joseph Cook-ell; Joel D. Felker, b. 1842, m. Whitley Finey; Sarah Felker, b. 1845, m. -------; Phoebe Felker, b. 1847, m. Joseph Phillips; John D. Felker, b. 1851.

ANN DENNIS, b. 1820, d. 1855, m. Abram Depew 1848 settled in Moulton and had Joel D. Depew (Depero?) b. 1850.

JOEL DENNIS, b. 1824, m. Rachel Snyder, 1851, and had Teresa Jane Dennis b. 1855. In 1870, Teresa was still living on the homestead in Clinton, Can.

Jonathan and Keziah (Dennis) Gee.

KEZIAH DENNIS, b. 1782, m. Jonathan Gee. Their children:

JOSEPH GEE, m. Susan Hoover, settled on a farm in the Niagara district and had: Jonathan, Uriah, Ephraim who m. --------- Hall, Hiram, Abraham and Jane Gee.

ANN GEE, m. John Johnson and had: Mary m. Joseph Michener, Jane, George H. m. Louisa Dennis, Hiram m. -------- Crowl, Lydia, m. Henry Moore, Martha and Freeman Johnson.

ABIGAIL GEE, married Peter Tice and had: Abraham, Hiram, John, Henry and Sarah Tice.

JOHN GEE, m. Rebecca Lampman and had: Richard and Joel Lampman.

SARAH GEE, m. Samuel, son of Samuel and Susan Burns, settled in Lincoln county, Canada and had: Matilda m. William Moore; Palmer, settled at Buckhorn, Canada; Edgerton m. Elna Delute, John, Ella, Ellen, Alzora and Arthur Burns.

James and Susannah (Dennis) McGin.

SUSANNAH DENNIS, b 1784, m. James McGin, settled in Scarborough, Can. Their children: Charles Jere-miah, Ezekiel, Eli, Simon Peter, Ann, Joel and Sarah Jane McGin.

Charles and Elizabeth (Furlow) Dennis.

CHARLES DENNIS, b. 1786, m. Elizabeth Furlow, settled in Clinton, Lincoln county, Can. Their children: Josiah m. Elizabeth Warden; William m. Susan Cutler; John m. Elizabeth Chadwick; Joseph m. ---- Crosby; Cornelium m. Mary Ann Cooper; Elizabeth Dennis was unmarried in 1870.

Descendants of

Ambrose and Deborah

(Heacock) Coho

AMBROSE COHO the son of Daniel and Mary (Cutter) Coho, born in Philadelphia in 1743, married in 1774, Deborah, third daughter of Jonathan and Susannah (Morgan) Heacock of Richland, bucks county, Pa. They lived for 14 years in Bucks county, Pa. and in the summer of 1788, migrated to the Niagara peninsula of Canada and settled in Welland county. Ambrose died of starvation in 1789. Their descendants:

James and Christiana (Coho) Ostrander.

CHRISTIANA COHO, b. 1775, d. 1857, m. John Ostrander and settled in Welland county. Their children:

ELIZABETH OSTRANDER, b. 1795 m. John Howell; Catharine Ostrander b. 1800, m. Levi Howell; Andrew Ostrander b. 1801, m. Sarah Bergner (Burger?); Isaac Ostrander b. 1803, m Deborah Stark; John Ostrander b. 1804, m Deborah Hyatt; Ann Ostrander b. 1806, m. Mary Bergner (Burger?); Amy Ostrander b. 1807, m. James Bergner (Burger?); Rachel Ostrander, b. 1808, m. Ebenezer Haley; Ebenezer Ostrander, b 1810, m. Susan Cook; Sarah Ostrander, b 1811, m. Robert Ervin; Henry Ostrander, b. 1813, m. Margaret Brady; Mary Ann Ostrander, b. 1814, m. Benjamin Smith, had five children; William Ostrander, b. 1818, m. Ann Humphrey. All are believed to have settled in Welland county.

ASA COHO, b. 1778, m. Keziah Lee; no report.

Ebenezer and Amy (Coho)


AMY COHO, b. 1779, d. 1858, m. Ebenezer Cavers in 1801, settled in Thorold, Lincoln county, Can., where Ebenezer was a store-keeper. He was born in Scotland in 1765, died in Thorold 1828. Their children:

MARGARET CAVERS, b. 1801, m. Joseph Clark and had: William Johnson Clark, b 1825, m Jane Conwell and had Elizabeth Rowena, Margaret Theodora, Sarah Arvilla, Malvina, Lewis, Dorcas Zilda, Amy and Minnie Clark; Catharine Clark, b. 1827, m. William Richardson, a carriage-maker, 1848 and had William Eugene, b. 1849, Esther Lucinda b 1851, Isabella Margaret, b 1860, Agnes Jane, b. 1864, Louisa, b. 1866 and Sarah Addie Richardson, b. 1868; Walter Alexander Clark, b. 1828, m. Lavina Farman and migrated to Wisconsin; Lucinda Clark, b. 1830, m. Henry Vaughan, 1849, and had: Margaret Theodora, b. 1850, who married Allen Robins; Lany Jane, b. 1853; Harriet Antoinet b. 1856; Walter Edmond, b. 1859, and Elma Celeste Vaughan, b. 1865; Oscar Clark, b. 1833, m. Mary McMahon of County Claire, Ireland, 1856, and had Joseph Wilfred, b. 1857, Margaret Ann b. 1861 and Albert Morgan Clark, b. 1868; Amy Jane Clark, b. 1835, m. Israel Snyder, settled on a farm in the Niagara peninsula and had three children: Margaret Clark, b. 1837, m. John Carter, 1857, and had: Elizabeth Carter, b. 1858; Elizabeth Clark, 1839, d. 1866, m. John Ambrose Coho, 1859, her mother's first cousin, her record appearing under that of John Ambrose Coho; Albert Edward Clark, 1844, m. Susan E. Tice, 1862, and had: George Wesley, b. 1863 and Abram Edgar Clark, b. 1869.

DEBORAH CAVERS b 1803 d 1866, m. Samuel Smith and had: David, Amy, Stephen, Walter, Margaret and Ebenezer Smith.

WALTER CAVERS, b 1805, m Eliza Potts, 1857, and had Walter E, Joseph Calvin, William Byron and Mary Izora Cavers.

ELIZABETH CAVERS, b. 1808, d. 184-, m. John S. Turrill, a carriage-maker, and had: John Othello Turrill, b. 1836, m. ------ and had two children; Walter E. Turrill, b. 1838, m. ---- Kimball.

ISABELLA CAVERS, b. 1810, m. Thomas Clark, 1832, settled in the Niagara peninsula of Canada and had: Maria Louisa Clark, b. 1834, no report; Thomas Ambrose Clark, b. 1838, m. Catharine McCappin, 1864, and had John, b. 1866, Edward William b. 1844 and Charles Orlando Clark, b. 1846.

AMY CAVERS, b. 1814, no report; Robert Cavers, b. 1823, no report

EBENEZER CAVERS, b. 1816, d. 1850, m. Jane Young, 1842, and had: Celeste Cavers and Peter Cavers.

John and Mary (Moore)


JOHN COHO, b. 1781, d. 1860, m. Mary Moore, 1809, settled on a farm in Welland county, Can. Their children:

EDWARD COHO b 1810, d 1867, m 1st Catharine Brown, 1832, who died 1858, 2d Harriet Ricker, who was the mother of Harriet, his last born child, b. 1865. The children of Edward and Catharine (Brown) Coho: Mary Catharine, b. 1838, d. 1869, m. Jacob B. Moore 1859 and had Edward Albert, b. 1860, Henry Elmer, b. 1863, James Franklin, b. 1865, Hannah Catharine, b. 1866, and Mary E. Moore b. 1869; John Edward Coho, b. 1845, m. Sarah Jane Buckman, 1870, settled in Thorold; David Ambrose Coho, b. 1847, farmer, unm. In 1870; Henry Albert Coho, b. 1850, and Andrew Jeremiah Coho, b. 1856.

DEBORAH COHO, b 1812, m David McAlpine, 1834, settled on a farm at Font Hill, Thorold, where David died in 1874. Their children: John Coho McAlpine, b. 1834, m. Sarah Jane Wilson, 1857, settled on a farm in Tuscola county, Mich., and had Franklin Wilson McAlpine b 1862; Edward McAlpine, b. 1836, migrated to Washington territory; Richard McAlpine, b. 1837, a carpenter by trade, m. Odelia Fay 1869; David Johnson McAlpine 3d, b. 1853.

JEREMIAH COHO b. 1814, d. 1863, m. Rachel Moore, 1842, and settled on a farm in Pelham, Canada. Their child Martha Jane Coho, b. 1848, m. George Townsend of England, 1867, and had Sanford Townsend, b. 1867.

MARY COHO, b. 1816, m. George Hill, 1834, settled in Crowland township, Welland county, Canada and had: Mary Hill, b. 1835, d. 1867, m. Joseph Teal, 1860, settled in Bertie and had Mary Melissa Teal, b. 1863; William Hill b. 1840, m Nancy Darby 1869, settled in Thorold and had George Hill, b. 1870; Ann Hill, b. 1842, m. Walter Carl, 1870, settled in Thorold; John Hill, b. 1843, m. Sarah Ann Pew, 1870, and settled on a farm in Crowland, Welland county; Samuel, b. 1847; George, b. 1848; Edward, b. 1850 and Elizabeth, b. 1851.

ANN COHO, b. 1818, m. Samuel Nunn, 1840; settled on a farm in Pelham, Canada, and had: John Nunn, b. 1845 unm. in 1870, farmer; Ambrose Nunn, b 1849, m. Nancy Ann McCrimmon, 1869, settled in Pelham, Canada as a blacksmith; Cyrus b. 1851; Asahel, b. 1852; Samuel J., b. 1858 and Elma Annetta Nunn, b. 1860.

ELIZABETH COHO, b. 1823, m. Henry Brown, 1844, settled on a farm in Pelham township, Monk county, Can., and had: David James, b. 1847, Edward Allen, b. 1850, Ambrose Jeremiah, b. 1853, Sarah Catharine, b. 1855 and Cyrus Hampton Brown, b. 1859.

AMY COHO, b 1825, m her cousin's son Stephen H. McCombs in 1845. See Stephen H. McCombs.

SARAH MARIA COHO, b. 1831, m. her cousin's son, John S. McCombs, in 1850. See John S. McCombs.

JOHN AMBROSE COHO b 1836, d. 1867, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Margaret Clark, settled on the homestead and had John, b. 1861, Mary, b. 1863, and Joseph Clark Coho, b. 1864.

WILLIAM COHO, b.1783, d. 1804, was drowned in Lake Erie off Sugar Loaf, Ont.

Andrew and Nathan Coho.

ANDREW COHO, b. 1785, m. Lydia Wesley about the year 1810, settled on a farm at Norwich, Can., and had John, Phoebe, Mary, Francis, Esther and William Coho; no reports available on any of these.

NATHAN COHO b 1788, d 1860, m. Rebecca Lemmons and had William, Andrew, Deborah, Catharine, Amy, Elizabeth, Edward, Henry, Harriet, John, James and Mary Ann Coho born between the years 1812 and 1830, concerning whom no reports are available.

Descendants of

Jonathan and Mary (Evans) Heacock.

JONATHAN HEACOCK, eldest son of Jonathan 2d and Susannah (Morgan) Heacock, born at Richland, Pa., 1755, married in 1784, Mary, daughter of Edward and Jane Evans. In 1788 he let out to establish a homestead in Canada West, as the Canadian wilderness west of the French settlements in Quebec was called. Tradition has it that he dreamed of an ideal farm and set out to find it. He lived for 15 years on a clearing at what is now St. Catherines, until by accident he saw a farm site in King township, York county, which seemed to him to be precisely the farm of his dreams. He bought the property in 1804, consisting of 400 and it is still owned and operated by his heirs. The descendants:

Robert and Jane (Heacock)


JANE HEACOCK, b. 1787, d. 1867, m. Robert Srigley, 1806 and settled in York county, Can. Their children:

JESSE SRIGLEY, b 1808, m. Phoebe Varney, 1827, and had: James Srigley, b. 1829, m. first Ann Wood and had Erie Srigley, b. 1853, Jesse m. second, Mary Card and had Asa, b. 1858, Eva b. 1859, Jesse Silas b. 1861, Lydia b. 1863, Jeremiah b. 1865, Mary Ann b. 1867 and Phoebe Esther Srigley b. 1870; Enoch V. Srigley , b. 1831, m. Mahaley Hoiles, 1855 and had Joel b. 1855, Mary Alfaretta b. 1858, Amelia Elizabeth b. 1860, Melissa Priscilla b. 1862, Jesse Enoch b 1866, Maria Agnes b. 1867, and Robert John Srigley b. 1869; Robert Srigley b. 1833, m. Sarah H. Cooper, 1862 and had Elizabeth Ann b. 1863, Jesse b. 1865, Edgar Cooper b. 1868 and Ethlinda Maud Srigley b. 1869; Richard Srigley b. 1833, m. Jane Brandon, 1857 and had Phoebe b. 1858, Robert Elijah b. 1860, Sarah Arletta b. 1862, Nelson James b. 1865, Francis George b. 1866 and Eliza Jane Srigley b. 1869; Nelson Joel Srigley, b. 1835, m. Jane Beatty 1865 and had Henrietta b. 1867 and John Wellington Srigley b. 1868; Joel Srigley b. 1837, m. Lucy A. Williams 1867 and had Minnette Caroline b. 1867 and Walter Elias Srigley b. 1869; Amelia Srigley b. 1841, d. 1864, m. Robert D. Baker and had Edgar Baker b. 1864; Caroline Srigley b. 1843, m. Samuel Pegg (Vegg?) 1862 and had Andrew b. 1864, Celia Ann b. 1864, Mary Amelia b. 1865, George Ernest b. 1867 and Ethel Pegg b. 1869.

MAHLON SRIGLEY, b. 1809, m. Sarah Merrick, 1833, and had Lemuel Srigley, b. 1835, m. Jane Miller, 1863 and had Martha Ann b. 1864, Walter Benjamin b. 1866 and Lemuel Charles Srigley b. 1867; Robert Manuel Srigley b. 1836, m. Isabella Maria Stephenson, 1867; Mary Jane Srigley, b. 1838, m George Brook 1863 and had William Jonathan b. 1864, Sarah Elizabeth b. 1865 and George Edwin Brook b 1867; John Srigley, b. 1839, m. Frances Stephenson 1867; Emily Srigley b. 1846, m. Francis Wiess (Wice?), 1866 and had Rosalind Wilhelmina b. 1867 and Emily Minerva Weiss b. 1869; Wellington b 1842; Sarah Ann b 1845; Rachel b. 1851 and Elizabeth Srigley b. 1852.

ELISHA B. SRIGLEY b. 1811, m. Sarah Kreider, 1836 and had: Roland Srigley b. 1837, m. Elizabeth Badgero 1862 and had William Wellington b. 1863, Laura Sophia b. 1864, Matilda Jane b. 1865, Charles Beman b. 1867 and Robert John Srigley b 1869; Christiana Srigley b. 1838, m. Reuben Veachy 1859 and had David b. 1859, Sarah b. 1860 William b. 1865 and Richard Veachy b. 1869; Richard b. 1840, Samuel b. 1842, Daniel b. 1844, Elizabeth b 1846, Enos b 1849, Hannah b. 1852 and Catherine Srigley b. 1855.

ENOCH SRIGLEY b. 1813, m. Lucy Firkie 1841 and had: Cecelia, b. 1845, m. William John Smith 1867 and had Ida Louise b. 1868 and Hetty Matilda Smith b. 1870; Jane b. 1842; Mary b. 1844; William R. b. 1842, John Arthur b. 1852, Christopher B. b. 1854; Margaret Elizabeth b. 1856; Eli Edward b. 1858 and Charles Herbert Srigley, b. 1862.

ROBERT SKELTON SRIGLEY, b. 1815, d. 1870, m. Fanny Hunt, 1840 and had: John George Srigley b. 1843, m. Mary Jane Donnelley, 1867 and had: Edith Maude b. 1868 and Eloise Frances Srigley b. 1870; Adelaide Jane b. 1841; Frances Ann b. 1845; William John b. 1849 and Isabella Srigley b. 1854.

SARAH ANN SRIGLEY, b. 1821, d. 1860, m. first George Davidson, 1840, who died 1844, and had: Robert John b. 1842; Sarah Ann m. second John C. Atkinson 1848 and had George Wellington b. 1849 and Sarah Alma Atkinson b. 1855.

ENOS SRIGLEY, b 1822 d 1857, m. Hannah Scott.

CHRISTOPHER SRIGLEY, b. 1824, m. first Martha King and had Frank and Henry Srigley; Christopher m. second Emily Kavanagh and had: Ida, Lillian and Charles Srigley.

Edward and Rachel (Webb)


EDWARD HEACOCK, b. 1789, d. 1864, . Rachel Webb 1812 and settled on a part of the homestead in King township, York county, Can. The Webbs migrated to Canada from Pennsylvania in 1803 and were Quakers also. Their children:

DELILAH HEACOCK, b. 1816, m. John Heacock, her first cousin. See John Heacock record.

MALINDA HEACOCK, b. 1817, m. Orlin Chappell, 1836, and had: Edward Chappell, b 1838, m. Isabella Adams, migrated to Bremer county, Ia. and had: Jennie M., Eric O., Charles A. and Ida B. Chappell; Lomas Chappell, b. 1842, m. Charlotte Bush, 1868 and had Solon Chappell 1869, Lorrinda Chappell b. 1851, m. Edward Bingham, now living in Amulet, Sask.

SETH HEACOCK, b. 1822, m. Hannah B. Walton, 1847, and settled on part of the homestead. He imported thoroughbred Durham bulls and Southdown sheep in large numbers and is believed greatly to have improved the quality of Canadian farms animals generally. As high as $520 a head was paid for domestic animals from his stock farm at a time when this seemed a fabulous price. The children of Seth and Hannah Heacock: John Milton Heacock b. 1848, d. 1887, m. Emma L. Salter, 1878, and had Mabel L. Heacock, b. 1880; George W. Heacock b 1850, d. 1929 unm.; Eliza C. Heacock b. 1853, d. 1920 m. Frank Cook; Emma C. Heacock b. 1855, d. 1928 unm.; Ada Alestine Heacock b. 1857, m. Robert A. Starr, 1878, and had Clara Ethel Starr, b. 1879, m. J. I. Merritt, Edgar D. Starr, b. 1882, Leonara Starr, b. 1884 and Stuart W. Starr b. 1895; Mary Lavilla Heacock b. 1859, m. Archibald Campbell and migrated to California; Walton Jefferson Heacock b. 1862, d. 1881 unm.; Rachel Alberta Heacock b. 1864, d. 1929 unm.; B. Franklin Wakefield Heacock, b. 1866, d. 1929 m. Elizabeth Curtis.

MARY HEACOCK b 1824, m James Charles and had: Alonzo b. 1845, Walter, b. 1848, Mary K., b. 1852, Herbert J., b. 1857, Elmer b. 1860 and Emma Charles b. 1869.

Nathan L. and Ann (Srigley) Heacock

NATHAN L. HEACOCK, b. 1791, d. 1869, m. 1st Ann Srigley, 2d. Harriet Raper, 3d Susan Hawman. Save for Ann Heacock daughter of Harriet, who married Ben Wood, the children listed are those of Nathan and Ann (Srigley) Heacock.

JOSHUA HEACOCK b 1814 d 1893, m. Eliza Wressel about 1836 and migrated to Thompson Ill. Their children: Charlotte Heacock b. 1838 m. James Crone; Lavinia Heacock b. 1840 m. Thomas Alldritt 1858 and had Samuel Alldritt and Annie Alldritt m. ---------- Hamilton; Mary Heacock m. --------- Foster and had Lena Foster who married Thomas Stagg; Maria Heacock m. ---------- Elsey and has two daughters, names not reported; William Heacock m. ---------- and has one daughter in Nebraska; Annette Heacock b. 1850, m. first Thomas Marshall, b. 1869 and had Nellie Marshall b. 1870 who married James C. Brown 1913 and Charles F. Marshall b. 1874 m. Ophelia ---------, Annette Heacock m. second Albert Alldritt, 1880 and had: James L. Alldritt b. 1885 who married Sadie Griesser; Mildred B. Alldritt b. 1889, who married Ernest E. Willis 1912 and Edith L. Alldritt b. 1892, who married Homer Phelps Ken-yon 1925.

JOHN HEACOCK, b. 1815, d. 1850, m. Delilah, daughter of Edward and Rachel (Webb) Heacock, his first cousin, 1838 and had: Wilford Heacock, b. 1847, m. Eleanor Hollingshead, 1869, and had: John E. b. 1870, who married, first Johanna Belz second Ida Kelly, Oscar b. 1874, who married Etta Stephenson 1902, Thomas F. b 1876, who married Margaret Holmes, 1901, Elizabeth Alada, b. 1879, who married Joseph F. Tilson, 1904, Silas Jefferson, b. 1882, who married Fanny Campbell, 1912 and Effie Louise Heacock, b 1886, who married Edward S. Williams; Rachel Heacock, b. 1844, d. 1880, m. Richard Burling, 1867 and had: Hubert Leslie Burling, 1873; Emeline Heacock, b. 1845, d. 1925 m. Charles Stephenson, 1873, and had: Jemima, who married Westley Tilson , and Delilah, who married Wellington Andrews; Mary Heacock, b 1850, d. 1926, m. William Dennis Elliot, 1881, and had: Wilford F., b. 1882, who married Louise Freeman, 1909, Leo Eileen, b. 1885, who married Thomas Lund, 1913 and Gladys Eloise Elliot, b 1891, who married Samuel H. Chanin, 1921.

JANE HEACOCK, b. about 1817, m. John Miller, and had: Nathan and Hattie Miller, both of whom are reported to have settled in Collingwood, Ont.

MARY HEACOCK b about 1820, m. Alex Armstrong and settled in Buffalo, N. Y. Their children: Walter Armstrong, m. Mary Box and had Alex, Frederick, Alice and Jessie Armstrong; Enos Armstrong m. Eliza Box and had Ella Armstrong who married Joseph Forster; Amos Armstrong m. Flora Armstrong and had Etta who married Clarence DeForest; Delilah Armstrong, b. about 1850, m. William J. Good and had: Frank G., Enos E., b.1874 m. Anna Loretta Hartnett 1909 and Matthew Leslie Good b. 1876.

Joshua and Susannah (Heacock) Srigley

SUSANNAH HEACOCK, b. 1793, m. Joshua Srigley about 1810 and had Mary Srigley, b. about 1812, who is said to have married and settled at Easyt Guillenburg, Ont., husband's name not reported.

William and Mary (Heacock) Webb.

MARY HEACOCK, b. 1795, m. William Webb about 1812 and settled in York county, Can. Their children:

NAOMI WEBB, b. 1814, m. John Dodds about 1840, settled in York county, Can. and had William Dodds, b. 1841, m. Catherine Wilson.

LORETTA WEBB, b 1816, m. Israel McGarvey, 1837 and had: Isaac McGarvey b. 1839; Elizabeth McGarvey b 1841, m. her mother's cousin, Leander S. Heacock; Naomi McGarvey b. 1843, married her mother's cousin Elijah B. Heacock; Mary Jane b 1846; Charlotte, b. 1851; William, b. 1853 and Ann McGarvey, b. 1858.

CHARLOTTE WEBB b 1818, m William Wright, 1842 and had: Abiathur Wright b. 1844, m. Margaret Calkering and had John William Wright, b. 1869.

ABIATHUR WEBB b 1820 m Susan Spring, 1844 and had: Charlotte Webb, b. 1845, m. Robert Somerset, 1866 and had: Lena Ardell Somerset, b. 1868; Kanina, b. 1847, Anna, b. 1849 and Walter Webb, b. 1854.

ANN WEBB, b. 1826, m. Matthew Shilston, 1846 and had: William, b. 1849; Matthew A, b. 1852; Edwin Mil-ton, b. 1854; Silas W. b. 1856; Loretta M., b. 1859; Emily E., b. 1861; Harriet L., b.1863 and Attilia A. Shilston, b. 1865.

Benjamin and Catherine (Heacock) Roadhouse.

CATHERINE HEACOCK, b. 1798, m. Benjamin Roadhouse, 1822, settled in Albion township, Peal county, Can. Their children:

JONATHAN ROADHOUSE b. 1824 m Ann Hawman 1848 and had: Benjamin, b. 1849, Matilda, b. 1851, Susan C., b. 1853, Rachel, b. 1856, Mary E., b. 1859, John H., b. 1861 and Ann Roadhouse, b. 1863.

ELIZABETH ROADHOUSE b. 1826, m. George Ruston, 1854 and had: William, b. 1855, Benjamin, b. 1857, Martha, b. 1858, Richard, b. 1861 and James Bedford Roadhouse, b. 1865.

MARY ROADHOUSE, b. 1828, m. Samuel Doup, 1860 and had Benjamin, b. 1861, Joseph A., b. 1863, Albert W., b. 1864, Clarinda E., b. 1865 and Rachel Emiline Doup, b. 1867.

JAMES BEDFORD ROADHOUSE, b. 1830, m Jane McKenzie, 1856 and had: Catherine Ann, b. 1856; Ellen M., b. 1858; Benjamin U., b. 1861 and John Edward Roadhouse, b. 1866.

HORACE ROADHOUSE, b 1833, m. Harriet Miller, 1857, and had: John J., b. 1863; Benjamin J., b. 1864; Mary Catharine, b. 1867 and Lydia Melissa Roadhouse, b. 1869.

RACHEL ROADHOUSE, b. 1833, was reported unmarried in 1870.

BENJAMIN ROADHOUSE b. 1836, m. Elizabeth Hazelwood 1860 and had William F., b. 1863, Sarah M., b. 1865 and George A. Roadhouse, b. 1867.

WILLIAM ROADHOUSE, b 1838, m Elizabeth Otesby, 1861 and had Silas T., b. 1863, Susannah, b. 1865 and John Albert Roadhouse, b. 1867.

SILAS THOMAS ROADHOUSE, b. 1843 was reported unmarried in 1870.

William and Sarah (Heacock) Hillborn.

SARAH HEACOCK, b. 1802, 1839, m. William Hillborn and had Thomas Hillborn who married Elizabeth Chappell and Mary Jane Hillborn who married James Norman. Both couples settled in York county, Ont.

Amos and Eunice (Hamley)


AMOS HEACOCK, b. 1805, m. 1st Ann Wilkin, 1832, mother of his daughter Sarah Ann and m. 2d Eunice Hamley in 1836, mother of the rest of his children.. They lived in King township, York county, Ont. Eunice was affectionately known as "Aunt Eunice" throughout the township. Their descendants:

SARAH ANN HEACOCK, b 1833, m. David Jones, 1850 and settled in North Tonawanda, N. Y. Their children: John Symson Jones b 1853 m Caroline Solvisborg, 1872, and had Sarah Elizabeth Jones, b 1873, who married Ernest R. Langley, 1893, and settled in Buffalo; George W. Jones, b. 1858, m. Eunice M. Heacock, 1879, and had Mary E. Jones, b. 1884, who married George Roland, and Alice M. Jones, b. 1885; Stephen Leander Jones, b. 1866, m. Almeda Solvisborg and had Agnes Jones, who married Oscar Machemer, and Beatrice Jones, who married Myron Lovejoy; Enoch E. Jones, b. 1871, m. Adelaide Collins, settled in Los Angeles; Mary Eunice Jones, b. 1873, d. 1925, m. Jacob Thoman and had Chester, Walter and Viola Thoman.

GEORGE HAMLEY HEACOCK, b. 1837, d. 1920, m. Margaret Palmer, 1861, settled Tonawanda, N. Y. and had Eunice M. Heacock, b. 1863, d. 1928, m. 1st, George W. Jones and had Mary E. and Alice M. Jones, Eunice m. 2d, Harry N. Phipps, 1897, settled in Seattle, Wash. and had Arthur, b. 1898, and Leigh Phipps, b. 1900; Amos E. Heacock, b. 1865, m. Mary E. Miller, 1886, and had Edith Heacock, b. 1887, who married Walter Stevens; Daniel Heacock, b 1889 who married Gertrude Schutrum and Grace Heacock; Thomas H. Heacock, b. 1867, m. Alice Hunt, settled in Canton, O., and had Gussie, Amos, Thomas, William, Irving and Alice Matilda Heacock; Alice Jane Heacock, b. 1870, d. 1899, m. George Paterson, 1887, and had Lottie A. and Lenora Patterson, who married Harry Gilrie; John C. Heacock b. 1872, m. 1st Alphretta Hosmer, 2d Matilda Oswald, settled Los Angeles, no issue; William A. Heacock, b. 1876, m. Minnie Fischer and had Inez, who married Alex Davis, and Frazer, who married Vivian V. Ploss; George W. Heacock b. 1878, m 1st Blanche Hock, 2d Matilda Reed, settled in Los Angeles; Lee F. Heacock b. 1881, m. Grace Harvey and had Norma, who married James F. Wood, Robert B., Doris and Lee Heacock.

LEANDER HEACOCK, b. 1841, d. 1906, m. Elizabeth McGarvey, settled in Croswell, Mich., and had William Isaac, John L., Eunice Loretta, Mary Jane and Charlotte A. Heacock.

JOHN WILLIAM HEACOCK, b 1843 served in the 10th Michigan cavalry in Civil war and disappeared in 1865, after being mustered out of service.

AMOS EVANS HEACOCK b 1845, d 1891, m Catharine McKay, 1867, settled in Nobleton, Ont., and had Elma L., b. 1867, Mary E., b. 1869, John, James and Lorne.

ELIJAH HEACOCK b 1847, married and settled at Lloydtown, Ont.

MARY ELIZABETH HEACOCK, b. 1839, m. John Armstrong, 1864, and had Sarah E. Armstrong, b. 1867, John, Ernest and Amos Armstrong, and migrated to the Pacific coast about 1900.

ROSALIND HEACOCK, b. about 1840, m. Joseph Black and had Ralph Black, b. about 1880.

William and Ann (Heacock) Hambleton.

ANN HEACOCK, b. 1807, m. William Hambleton (Hamilton) 1831 and settled in York county, Ont. Their descendants:

HENRY HAMBLETON, b. 1831, m. Sarah Lowery and had: Mary Ann Hambleton, b. 1858, m. Olaf Oleson and had Laura Oleson; Sarah, b. 1861, William, b. 1866, Herbert, b. 1869 and Ernest Hambleton, b. 1875; Alfred Hambleton, b 1865, m. Rosaline Velur.

MILES HAMBLETON, b. 1833, m. Margaret Ann Scott and had: Marie, b. 1875; Ann Charlotte, b. 1877; William Thomas, b. 1879; John Henry, b. 1880; Robert, b. 1883, and Charles Scott Hambleton, b. 1885.

HANNAH JANE HAMBLETON, b. 1836, m. first, Isaac Van Sickle, 1854, and had: Isaac William Van Sickle, b. 1856, m second James Rowe, 1862, and had Elizabeth Ann Rowe b 1863 who married Roderick Park, 1884; Caroline Rowe b. 1865; Sarah C. Rowe, b. 1867; Eliza Jane Rowe, b. 1869; John James Rowe b. 1875; Charles Arthur Rowe b. 1879 and Frederick George Rowe, b. 1882.

MERCY ANN HAMBLETON, b. 1838, m. Jesse Birdikin 1875, and had Martha, b. 1876, William, b. 1878, and Thomas, b. 1880.


b. 1843, m. Asa Hughes 1862, and had Euphemia b. 1866, Irene b. 1887, Sherman b. 1870, Ada b. 1873, Emma b. 1875, Ella May b. 1878, Anna Josephina b. 1880, Westley b. 1882, and Hattie Evaline Hughes b. 1884.

Levi and Mary (Wiggins)

LEVI HEACOCK b. 1809 , d. 1881, m. Mary Wiggins 1826 and settled on a farm in Whitchurch, Ont. Their descendants:

THOMAS L. HEACOCK b. 1827 d. 1902, m. Mary Ann Sherriff 1851 and had: George b. 1851, Mary b. 1853, Melissa b. 1856, Franklin b. 1859, Albert b. 1861, and Charlotte Heacock, b. 1868.

ELIJAH B. HEACOCK, b. 1831, d. 1878, m. Naomi McGarvey 1864, and had: Levi Sherman b. 1865, Mary Jane b. 1867, and James William Heacock b. 1868.

MARTHA HEACOCK b. 1833, d. 1920, m. Joel Hollingshead 1852 and had: Mary Jane b. 1855, Eli Thomas b. 1856, Charlotte Emaline b. 1858, Matilda Ann b. 1860, Alfred Edward b. 1864, Martha Evaline b. 1867 and Lavinia Melissa Hollingshead b. 1869.

EDWARD HEACOCK b. 1836, d. 1908, m Susan Gillham 1863 and had: Mary b. 1864; William b. 1866 m. Minnie Heacock his first cousin and settled at Aurora, Ont.; Henry b. 1868; Alfred b. 1869; Thomas b. 1872 who married Eva Robinson settled at Kirkland, Wash and had: Arthur, Ernest, Olive and Merle; Jennie Heacock b. about 1875.

JARED J. HEACOCK b. 1838, d. 1918, m. Sophia Lount 1869 and had Melissa who married William Lepard, and Fredrick Heacock.

LINVILLE HEACOCK b. 1841, m. Emma Lloyd 1869 and had: Seth b. 1869, Lorne and Minnie Heacock.

ALFRED HEACOCK, b. 1849 d. 1928 m. Mary Clark 1875 settled at Weston, Ont., and had James Wesley Heacock b. 1876 who married Gertrude Argue; Jane Elizabeth b. 1878; William Edward b. 1881; Margaret b. 1883 who married Frank E. McPearson; Mary May b. 1885 who married Bert Lund; and Susan Heacock b. 1888.

Descendants of

William and Susannah

(Heacock) Lloyd

WILLIAM LLOYD married, in Rich-land, Pa. 1781, Susannah, the fifth daughter of Jonathon 2d and Susannah (Morgan) Heacock born in Richland, Pa. in 1752. They lived for a time in Richland and in 1788 migrated to the Niagara peninsula of Canada where they settled. Their descendants:

James and Sarah (Butler)


JAMES LLOYD b. 1784, d. 1868, m. Sarah Butler, 1806. Their children:

ELIZA LLOYD b. 1809, m. John Wells 1827 and had: Lavinia Wells, b. 1828; m. John Rankin, 1848 and had Joseph W., b. 1849; Isabell, b. 1850; Mary Lavinia, b 1854; William John, b. 1857; Eliza, b. 1860; Emily Valoria, b. 1863; Richard, b. 1866; Martha, b. 1868, and Sarah Jane Rankin, b. 1869; James Wells, b. 1830, m. Janet Gray, 1861 and had William John, b. 1863; Ann Eliza, b. 1865; Albert Bennet, b. 1867, and Ellen Jane Well,s b. 1868; Job Wells, b. 1832, m. Elizabeth Thompsee, 1853, and had Eliza, b. 1854; Emma, b. 1855; Milton, b. 1857; Robert James, b. 1858; Sarah Ann, b. 1864, and Mary Elizabeth Wells, b. 1867; Joel Lloyd Wells, b. 1836 m. Catherine Butler, 1861, and had Florence, b 1862, and Laura Ellaby Wells, b. 1865; Martha Wells, b. 1840 m. Peter McCalum, 1863, and had Ida Jane, b. 1865; Eliza, b. 1866 and Annie McCalum, b 1869; Caroline Wells, b. 1843, m. Charles Hill, 1865, and had Eliza Clarissa Hill, b. 1867; Philadelphia Wells, b. 1847 and William Wells, b. 1852.

JOHN B. LLOYD, b. 1811, m. Janet Brydon, 1832, and had: James B. Lloyd, b. 1835, m. Agnes Yule, 1858, and had John B., b. 1860; James Alfred, b. 1862, Arthur, b. 1864 and George Lloyd, b. 1866; William Lloyd, b. 1836 m. Mary Hendry, 1861, and had: William H., b. 1862, Edward B., b. 1864, James Forbes, b. 1866 and Janet Ellen Lloyd b. 1868; Margaret Lloyd b. 1840, m. John Playter, 1860, and had Janet Priscilla, b. 1861, John Franklin, b. 1863, and Mary Elfrida Playter, b. 1869; Sarah Lloyd, b. 1844, m. Thomas Ross, 1864, and had John Brydon Ross, b. 1867; Thomas, b. 1845; Walter, b. 1847; Mary, b. 1848 and Ann Lloyd, b. 1850.

AMY LLOYD, b. 1813, m. John Hutchinson, 1830, and had Sarah Hutchinson, b. 1831, m. Thomas Lloyd, 1864, and had Oscar James, b. 1866 and Cora Mary Lloyd, b. 1868; James Hutchinson, b. 1834 m. Nancy Skinner, 1859, and had John Franklin, b. 1861 and Weid Hutchinson, b. 1863; Eliza-beth Hutchinson, b. 1838, m. Baldwin Montgomery 1864, and had Nellie Montgomery, b. 1865; William Hutchinson, b. 1840, m. Elizabeth Hulburt, 1862, and had Amy Abigail, b. 1865, and Grace Mildred Hutchinson, b. 1869; Joel, b. 1846; John, b. 1848; Harriet, b. 1850 and Amy Catharine Hutchinson, b. 1851.

SUSANNAH LLOYD, b. 1818, m. Hugh Matterson (Watterson?), 1838 and had: Mary Ann, b. 1839, Jesse, b. 1840, Phoebe, b. 1842, Barbara, b. 1844, John, b. 1845, Hannah, b. 1847, Daniel, b. 1849, and William Matter-son, b. 1851: all unmarried in 1870.

PHILIDELPHIA LLOYD, b. 1820, m. Michel Cannon, 1838, and had: William, b. 1838; Ann, b. 1841; Mary, b. 1843; John, b. 1848; Ellen, b. 1850; Thomas, b. 1853; Sarah, b. 1856; Patrick, b. 1859; Attildon, b. 1862; Amy Catherine, b. 1865 and James Lloyd, b. 1868; all unmarried in 1870.

BENJAMINA LLOYD, b. 1807, m. George F. Moore in 1824 and had: George F. Moore, b. 1828, m. Anna Stiles, 1861, and had James Henry, b. 1862, Nina Eliza, b. 1865, and Fletcher William Moore, b.1869; Eliza Moore, b. 1835, m. Joseph Hill, 1863, and had: James Alfred Hill, b. 1866.

WILLIAM G. LLOYD, b. 1824, m. Sarah Webb, 1853, and had John Webb Lloyd, b. 1854; James Butler, b. 1856; William Ira, b. 1858; Amy Amanda, b. 1860; George Wilmott, b. 1862; Seneca Doan b. 1864; Albert B. b. 1867 and Harry C. Lloyd b. 1869.

Joel and Rachel (Lowe)


JOEL LLOYD b. 1785, d. 1864, m. Rachel Lowe 1823. Their children:

ELI LLOYD, b. 1825, m. Julia Ann Rush, 1847, and had: Rachel Melissa, b. 1849; Alice Walton, b. 1851; Emma Caroline, b. 1853; Celina (Selma?) Jane, b. 1855; Marshall Edwin, b. 1856; Mary Matilda, b. 1858; William Manfred, b. 1860; Arthur Bidwell, b. 1861; Angeline, b.1863 and Elvira Lloyd b. 1865, who m Fred Marshall.

ELIHU LLOYD, b. 1829, m. Jane Rush, 1848, and had Susan Catharine, b. 1850; Joel William b. 1851; Cyrenus Albert, b 1853; Peter Emerson, b. 1855; Benjamin Franklin, b. 1861; Eli Darwin, b. 1864; Arthur M., b. 1866, and Edwin Milton Lloyd, b. 1868.

Jesse and Phoebe (Crosby)


JESSE LLOYD b. 1787, d. 1838, m. Phoebe Crosby 1813. Their children:

SENAH LLOYD, b. 1818, m. Matthew Pinkerton, 1832, and had Jesse, b.1835. No further report.

HANNAH LLOYD, b. 1820, m. Seymour Slogdale, 1836, and had Phoebe Hannah Slogdale, b. 1837.

JOEL LLOYD, b. 1822, m. Elizabeth Grey, 1848, and had Sarah, b. 1850; Susan, b. 1850; Louisa Jane, b. 1853; Mary Elizabeth, b. 1856; Emma Eliza, b. 1863, and Edwin Herbert Lloyd, b. 1869.

MARY LLOYD, b. 1824, m. ---- Lamont, 1840, and had Asenath Hannah, b. 1842; Flora Ann, b. 1844; John, b. 1846; Jesse, b. 1848; Susan b. 1851; Charity b. 1856; Worthington Marion, b. 1858; Emma Louisa, b. 1861, and Mary Ida Lamont, b. 1864.

SARAH LLOYD, b. 1827, m. James Greenlie, 1845, and had: Mary C., b. 1847; William Luke, b. 1848; Phoebe Jane, b. 1850; Margaret Pamela, b. 1851; Sarah Ann, b. 1853; Robert Franklin, b. 1854, and Jessenah Green-lie, b. 1856, all unmarried in 1870.

WILLIAM LLOYD, b. 1830, m. Jane Grey and had: Albert William, b. 1855; Martha Jane, b. 1857; Alfred Levi, b. 1859; Rachel Adelaide, b. 1862; Lavinia Alberta, b. 1866, and Mary Ellen Lloyd, b. 1869.

EMILY LLOYD, b. 1835, m. first John R. Reid in 1855, and had: Sarah Martha Reid, b. 1858; m. second John Nichol in 1859 and had: Matthew Fisher, b. 1860; Phoebe Jane, b. 1865, and Ida Emily Nichol, b. 1867.

SARAH LLOYD, b. 1787. No report.

Descendants of

James and Amy (Heacock)


JAMES CRAWFORD married Amy youngest daughter of Jonathon and Susannah (Morgan) Heacock, born in Richland, Pa. 1764. The wedding occurred in midsummer of the year of the great pilgrimage into Canada 1788. The bridal couple settled in Thorold township of Welland county, Canada. Their descendants:

Smith & Mary (Crawford) Shotwell

MARY CRAWFORD b. 1790, m. Smith Shotwell in 1811 and settled on a farm in Welland county. Their children:

PHOEBE SHOTWELL, b. 1817, m. James M. Town 1859.

MARY SHOTWELL, b. 1821, m. Or-land Bates, 1865.

WILLIAM SHOTWELL, b. 1823, m. Martha E. Taylor, 1846, and had: Emily Ann Shotwell, b. 1850 m. Elijah Pryor, 1868; Smith b. 1852; Elijah Bernard, b. 1857; Whitson, b. 1860, and Letitia Amelia Shotwell, b. 1863.

RUTH SHOTWELL, b. 1825, m. David White, 1842, and had: Alonso D. White, b. 1843, m. Anna Keene, 1868, and had: Keene White, b. 1869; Alphonso E. White, b. 1844 m. Joanna Overholt, 1866, and had: Lillian H. White, b. 1869; Emily M., b. 1846; Frederick O., b. 1848, a wagon-maker and Elijah Zeno White, b. 1856.

JAMES SHOTWELL, b. 1826, d. 1864, m. Matilda Seeley, 1852, and had: Mary D., b. 1853; James P., b. 1850, and Cory E. Shotwell, b. 1864.

ELIJAH SHOTWELL, b. 1828, m. Harriet Wheeler, 1861.

JOHN SHOTWELL, b. 1829, m. Phoebe McCaffa, 1854, and had: Harvey H. Shotwell, b. 1856. John was a carpenter by trade.

William and Susannah (Crawford)


SUSANNAH CRAWFORD b. 1791, d. 1852, m. William, son of Daniel and Prudence Pound, 1814 and settled on a farm in Humberstone, Can. Their descendants:

ELIZABETH POUND, b. 1815, m. Andrew, son of William and Mary Hampton, 1856, and settled in Huntington, Ind.

PRUDENCE POUND, b. 1816, m. John, son of Jacob and Barbara Fretz, 1847, settled in Humberstone and had: William, Jacob and Catharine Fretz.

JAMES POUND, b. 1818, m. Rebecca, daughter of Henry and Catharine Zavitz, 1841, settled in Bertie, Can. and had: Catharine, Rachel Ann, William S., Tryhena, Irena and Serena Pound.

AMY POUND, b. 1819, m. George Bitner, 1854, settled on a farm in Williams township, Essex county, Can and had: Mary Elizabeth Bitner.

RACHEL POUND, b. 1821, m. Simon, son of George and Susannah Zavitz, 1842, settled in Bertle, Can. and had: Susannah, Clara, Amy, Catharine, George I., William P. and Levi E. Zavitz.

SAMUEL POUND, b. 1822, m. first Mary Jane, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Learn, 1849, and had: Melissa Jane Pound, b. 1851, who married Daniel T. Zavitz; Samuel Pound m. second Esther Jane, daughter of George and Rebecca Learn, 1853 and had: Isaac L., b. 1856: Celesta Ann, b. 1859: Edwin J. b. 1862; Milton S., b. 1867; Esther Elizabeth, b. 1869 and Loelia R. Pound, b. 1874.

Cornelius & Deborah (Crawford) Lory

DEBORAH CRAWFORD, b. 1794, m. Cornelius Lory and settled in Michigan.

Edmund and Amy (Crawford) Woodrow

AMY CRAWFORD b. 1796, m. Edmund D. Woodrow and is said to have had five children.

Orin and Phoebe (Crawford) Bemis

PHOEBE CRAWFORD, b. 1804, d. 1851, m. Orin Bemis, 1833, settled in Thorold, Can. and had: Amy Bemis, b. 1835, m. James P. Walters, 1858, settled in Paint Creek, Mich. and had: five children: James C. Bemis, b. 1838, m. Mary Jane Cisley, 1863, settled as a mechanic in Paint Creek, Mich. and had three children: David Bemis, b. 1840 m. Phoebe Page, 1866, settled as a mathematics professor in Cold Water Mich. and three daughters; Alma Bemis b. 1848, was reported in 1870 as living unmarried at Welland, Ont.

James and Ruth (Crawford) Burger

RUTH CRAWFORD b. 1806, d. 1870, m. James Burger, who died in 1872, their children: Amy Burger m. Robert Spence and had: Alexander, Ada, Edward, Howard E. and Luella Spence; Ann Burger m. Archibald Farr and had four children: Catharine Burger m. Allen Ray and had: John W., Annette, Jane and Harvey Ray; Joseph Burger m. Lodiska Farr and had Charlotte, Ruth, Edna C. and Anna Burger; James Burger m. Cornelia Goodin and had Ernest Courtland Burger; Elias H. Burger was reported unmarried in 1870.