The following is transcribed from Lloyd Family Written/compiled by H. W. Lloyd and published by the Press of the New Era Printing Company of Lancaster, PA. In 1912…. This book is commonly referred to as the Lloyd Manuscripts. The originals page numbers were 105 through 110. Transcribed for digital use by Kenneth S. Heacock from the copy at the Burton Historical Collection of the Detroit Public Library. 2010...I now have a copy of the book if any lookups are needed.


Jonathan Heacock was born in Middletown Township, then Chester now Delaware County, about 1774, and died 9th Month 1st, 1832, on his farm near Darby Creek, in that part of Delaware County called Calkoon Hook, below the Borough of Darby. He was a son of John Heacock and Sarah Taylor, of Middletown, and the exact date of his birth is unknown; but he was aged 88 years at the time of his death. The year of his death was the time of a cholera epidemic, and his daughter Ann and her husband Howard Williams and their family, were spending the summer with him to escape the disease. The latter part of August having arrived they concluded it would be safe to move back to town. The thought was that it would save the going back and forth of Howard Williams to and from his place of business, then at the southeast corner of Broad and Spruce Streets, quite a journey in those days, he having to drive into the city in the morning and return to the farm in the evening. Jonathan Heacock, however, remarked to his daughter "Do not go just yet, I cannot spare thee, wait a couple of weeks!" They remained, and during this time he died.

He was a constant attender of the Darby Meeting, and an overseer. In 1774 he was assessed at 112 acres and buildings, 9 acres of marsh, 2 horses, and 3 cattle. A certificate of removal for him and his family was granted 2nd Month 26th, 1776, by Chester Monthly Meeting, to Darby Monthly Meeting. On 11th Month 19th, 1766, at Concord Friends Meeting, he married Hannah Pyle. She was born about the year 1746 in Thornbury Township near the present village of Thornton, Delaware County, and died 1st month 12th, 1808, on their farm at Calcoon (Calkoon) Hook.. She was a large fine looking woman and was found dead on the floor of her house on the return of the family from a visit in the neighborhood; supposedly from apoplexy. She was a daughter of Jacob Pyle and his wife, Jane Sharples of Thornbury.

A copy of the will of Jonathan Heacock is here given.

Be it remembered that I Jonathan Heacock of the Township of Darby, county of Delaware and state of Pennsylvania, being of sound disposing mind and memory, and understanding, and being desirous of settling my temporal affairs whilst of the ability so to do. Do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say.

First, I order and direct that my funeral expenses and just debts be fully paid and discharged by my Executors.

Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Hannah Heacock the sum of four hundred dollars: also all the goods and household furniture set down in a schedule signed by me and bearing equal date herewith, which articles are not to be taken into the inventory or appraisement of my estate

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son John P. Heacock, the sum of four hundred dollars: also two horse creatures, and all the farming utensils which he has paid for and are considered as his property, likewise half the sheep, and half the feeding cattle that may be on the premises at the time of my decease, and it is my will that this gift and donation to my daughter Hannah and John P. Heacock be considered as a compensation for services to me since they became of age and in lieu and in bar of any charge they or either of them may bring against my estate therefor….

Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Ann Williams the sum of fifty dollars, also one feather bed, bedstead and bedding…

Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Phebe Bartram fifty dollars, also one feather bed, bedstead and bedding…

Item, My will is that my plantation containing about one hundred and twenty four acres (be the same more or less) be divided into two parts, in manner and form following: That is to say by a line beginning in the middle of Calcon Hook Road in John Serrils line thence n. twelve and three quarters West one perch and five tenths to a stake thence passing by the front side of the tenement to the East end thereof thence North so as to include the present width of the lane to the row of Lombardy Poplars and thence North sixty one East twenty eight perches to a stake, thence North twenty four and a half West five perches and twenty five hundredths, thence (by a survey and draught made by John Thomson dated May the 25th eighteen hundred & twenty five as on reference thereto will more fully appear) North nineteen and a half East forty one perches to a stake thence North forty and a quarter East seventeen perches to a stake thence South fifty eight East thirty seven perches and six tenths to a poplar and thence by the said survey of John Thomas to low water mark on Darby Creek & thence up the said creek to Isaac Oakfords land. And my will further is that there be seven acres of woodland run off and located on the upper end of my wood lot adjoining Calcon Hook road and land late of the estate of Aaron Oakford (deceased) which seven acres is belong too (?) and be reckoned and valued with the Southern division of my place on which the mansion house stands. And from good considerations me thereunto moving and being desirous that my aforesaid premises may remain in the hands of some of my children I do hereby fix a valuation on the two aforesaid divisions of my landed estate as follows: The upper or Northern division on which my son Joseph Heacock now resides I value at Fifty Five Dollars per acre containing more or less and the other Southern division I value at Sixty five dollars per acre be the same more or less including the seven acres of woodland to be run off and located as aforesaid.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son Joseph Heacock all that Northern division of my aforesaid premises on which he now resides (with the exception of the seven acres of woodland before mentioned) bounded by the aforesaid division line by the lands of Isaac Oakford Calcon Hook Road Joshua Bonsall and others, including the Tenement near John Serrils line with the free use of the yard before the door of said Tenement with all other improvements and appurtenances thereunto belonging, to him his heirs and assigns forever. Nevertheless this my gift and devise to my son Joseph is on this express provision and condition that he take the same at my aforesaid valuation of fifty five dollars per acre (containing more or less) and give good and sufficient security to my Executors for the payment of what may amount to over and above his share of my estate as herein after mentioned……

Item, I give devise and bequeath to my daughter Hannah Heacock and my son John P. Heacock all the remainder or Southern division of my aforesaid premises bounded by the land of John Serrill Darby Creek and the aforesaid division line also including the seven acres of woodland aforesaid, together with the mansion house wherein I now live with all other improvements and appurtenances thereunto belonging to hold to them as tenants in common (and not in joint tenancy) their heirs and assigns forever. Nevertheless this is my gift and demise to my daughter Hannah and John P. Heacock is on this express provision that they take the same at my aforesaid valuation of sixty five dollars per acre (be the same more or less) and pay into my estate what the amount may be over and above their shares in my estate as herein after mentioned…….

Item; and it is my will that if my son Joseph Heacock refuses to take the aforesaid division of my premises allotted for him at the valuation aforesaid or my daughter Hannah & John P. Heacock refuses to take the other division allotted for them within three months after my decease & comply with the conditions herein named then in that case of either of the said parties so refusing I order and direct my executors to sell at public venue the part or parts so refused by either of the said parties and make a good and sufficient title for the same.

Item; and for concerning all the rest and residue of my estate real personal and mixed, whatsoever & wheresoever together with the amount of valuations or sales as the case may be I give, devise and bequeath unto my eight children namely, Joseph Heacock, Jacob Heacock, Jonathan Heacock, Israel Heacock, Hannah Heacock, Phebe Bartram, John P. Heacock and Ann Williams to be equally divided between them share and share alike to hold to them their heirs and assigns forever. And lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my daughter Hannah Heacock Executrix and my son John P. Heacock and my friend Halliday Jackson Executors to this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made and declare this only to be my last will and Testament in witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand this sixteenth day of the First month in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty…..

Signed sealed declared and published by the said Jonathan Heacock the testator to be his last will and testament in the presence of us and who at his request do sign the same as witnesses.

Isaac Bartram

John Jackson Jonathan Heacock ((seal))

September 17, 1832. Then personally appeared Isaac Bartram and John Jackson the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will & being affirmed according to law did dispose and say that they saw and heard Jonathan Heacock the testator sign, seal, publish and declare the same as & for his last will and testament and that at the doing thereof he was of a sound and disposing mind and memory to the best of their knowledge and belief…

Coram Henry Myers Regt.

The following was related by Annabella W. Lloyd. Jonathan Heacock, like many others who were members of the Society of Friends was a non-combatant during the war of the Revolution. Ann Williams told her daughter Annabella, that her father’s farm was overrun by both armies; but suffered most from the Hessian troops. Her mother would bake bread for the use of the family, and the Hessian soldiers would come in the kitchen and carry it off on their bayonets. One of the soldiers took one of their best cows. Jonathan complained to the commanding officer, who took him through the camp to identify the thief, which he said he could easily do. After seeing the men he recognized the one who had taken the cow, but as the officer had said that if he knew who it was he would make an example of him, Jonathan decided not to identify the thief, as he did not want the man severely punished.

Children of Jonathan Heacock and Hannah his wife:

Joseph born, 7th month 23rd, 1767; died 6th month 28th, 1843; married Mary Humphrey.

Isaac born, 12th month 16th (1768?) Died unmarried left one child.

Benjamin born, 10th month 3rd. 1770; died unmarried, in 1814

Jacob born, 12th month 17th, 1772; died 3rd month 24th, 1840; married Susannah Underwood.

Sarah born, 12th month 5th, 1774; married Henry Wood

Jonathan born, 8th month 21st, 1776; died 8th month 21st, 1856; married, Sarah Underwood.

Nathan born, 3rd month 15th, 1779; died unmarried.

Israel born, 3rd month 15 1780; died 12th month, 19th, 1848; married, Jemima Parsons.

Hannah born, 3rd month 13th, 1782; died 2nd month 21st, 1864, unmarried.

Phebe born, 1st month 21st, 1784; died 7th month 17th, 1856; married Benjaman Bartram.

John P. born, 11th month 6th, 1786; died 8th month 14th 1863. Unmarried

Ann born, 6th month 6th, 1789; died 9th month 27th, 1842; married Howard Williams.

John Heacock, second child and eldest son of Jonathan Heacock and Ann Till his wife, was born 9th month 23rd, 1713, in Marple Township, near the Springfield Township line, in what is now Delaware, then Chester County. He died in Middletown Township, 11th month 13th, 1794. At the Providence Friends Meeting, on 7th month 19th, 1739, he married Sarah, daughter of Peter Taylor. Jr. (by Elizabeth Jarman his wife), of Providence, Chester (now Delaware) County. She was born 12th month 2nd, 1718. John Heacock settled on a farm in Middletown Township. He was a cabinetmaker by trade, and when advanced in life caused a walnut tree, which he grew from a nut he once carried in his pocket and which he had planted, to be cut into boards out of which he made his own coffin. In this he placed his grave clothes, and, in conformity to his request, they were used at his interment.


Children of John Heacock and Sarah his wife:

Hannah born, 7th month 6th, 1740; died 2nd month 11th, 1797; married Nicholas Woolas

Ann born, 6th month 24th, 1742; died 4th month 2nd, 1821, married Jacob Marshall.

Jonathan born, 1744; died 9th month 1st, 1882, married Hannah Pyle.

Nathan died, 8th month 1825; married, first, Priscilla Thomas; secondly Margaret Lynn; Thirdly Jane Wier.

John died 10th month 2nd, 1832; Married Mary Heacock.


Jonathan Heacock, was the son of John Heacock and Jane his wife, and was from the borough of Staffordshire, England. He brought a certificate from Wolverhampton Meeting, dated 12th month 13th, 1710. He settled in Middletown township, County of Chester (now Delaware), Pennsylvania, and married Ann, daughter of John Till, of the Green, Whitgreave, Staffordshire. She was born 5th month 13th, 1681.

John Heacock of Slindon, Staffordshire, was a brother of William Heacock, of Slindon, and cousin of John Heacock, son and heir of the said William, who removed to Pennsylvania 1682, and died in Bucks County about 1684, without issue, as appears by a deed, dated 19th February, 1710, William Heycock of Slindon, in the County of Stafford, second son of William Heycock the elder by Margaret his wife both late of Slindon, but now deceased and next brother and heir of John Heycock formerly of Slindon, but late of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Mary, wife of the said William Heycock the younger, to Jonathan Heycock of the borough of Stafford, cousin German of the said William Heycock, for land in Pennsylvania, of the said John Heycock late of Bucks county, Pennsylvania, deceased. Heacock, or as it was formerly spelled, Heycock, is a very old name in Staffordshire.

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