And settled in Chester County

Pennsylvania in 1711,



Copied from an Original document

written by T.R.. Heacock in


Original Introduction

by T. Reece Heacock

It was the expressed desire of an ancient member of the Heacock family, many years since, that someone should collect it's scattered history for preservation. At that time the task could have been more easily effected: but it was delayed until a part was forgotten or lost, and the remainder less easily obtained. In attempting to produce the following account we had to rely largely upon letters of inquiry, and these were not always directed to those who were well informed in family matters, or took sufficient interest in the subject: and, when replies were received, we may not always have fully understood them, or made out the correct spelling of the proper names of persons, and places, and this we offer as an apology, in part, for errors that may appear.

If those into whose hands these sheets may come, would at once take it upon themselves to correct any errors, or supply any deficiencies down to the latest generations that they may notice, being particular to give in plain writing the dates of births, deaths, and marriages, post-office address, and any interesting account, to be forwarded some central point: it might be the means of giving rise to a much more perfect Genealogical History. It cannot be expected that any one is acquainted with the whole family, but having this outline he could with little trouble add to that part with which he was best acquainted: and if these accounts were directed to T. Reece Heacock Lima P. O. Delaware Co. Pa. they may be used as a basis on which to found a more extensive family record.

It was designed in this plan to designate the second generation by means of large capital letters, the third generation by small capitals, the fourth by figures, the fifth by lower case Roman numerals, and the sixth by Italics, wherever numbering was needed in referring again to the same name. But the manuscript was not all prepared by the same hand, and the one who printed it being a novice in the art, and having, in some measure, to arrange the notes and number them while he was setting type. errors have in consequence crept in.

Delaware Co. Pa. June 1869

I hope this copy serves till I can find a more legible copy of the original document. The one I used is of poor quality and missing at least one page. K. S. Heacock 10/28/1998

Descendants of JONATHAN and ANN HEACOCK who emigrated

from England and settled in Marple, then Chester,

now Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Jonathan Heacock and Ann his wife brought certificates of membership from the Wolverhampton monthly meeting of Staffordshire, England, dated the 13th of the 12th month 1710, to Chester monthly meeting of Chester Pa. They were received the 20th of the 7th month 1718 indicating perhaps the time they settled in America.

Ann Heacock was the daughter of John Till of White Grove, Staffordshire, and he belonged to Stafford meeting. In 1666, he with others was committed to prison for absence from the National Worship and remained there until 1672, a period of six years, when Charles the 2nd issued his letters patent discharging the people called Quakers from prison, when John Till with others was set at liberty.

We have received it traditionally that three brothers emigrated to America, Jeremiah Heacock, who settled near Wilmington Delaware, who remained single, Jonathan, whose line we are considering, and the third brother who settled near Boston Mass. and whose descendants are scattered the western country, the latter spell their name a Heacox. Many of the descendants of Jonathan spell their name Haycock, a little different from the way we find it originally written.

We find in an old account book kept by Jonathan Heacock the following memoranda in his own handwriting.

Jonathan Heacock Feb. 27th-Direct for Joseph Heacock at Jonathan Harrison's in Trione Corte in Red Lyon Street. Spittlefield, London.

Jonathan Heacock and Ann his wife went on bord the Three Sisters. the 13th of Mar. 1710-11. bound to Belfast in Ireland , the 14th instant.

Sent a letter on the 20th of the instant from Ireland to Staffordshire.

Sent a letter on the 19th of the second month from Belfast Lough in Ireland by the Neptune Bregeteen bound for Liverpool and came from Barbados.

Left Ireland the 23rd and came to Loughrane Scotland on the same day, about 1 o clock in the afternoon.

Sayled from thence the 26th at 1 o clock in the morning.

It would appear from his accounts kept with individuals that he was a dealer in wool and manufactured worsted drugget, tammy &c. At first he rented, but afterwards he purchased a farm in Marple near the Springfield Township line, and cleared it.

The children of Jonathan and Ann Heacock as find their names entered in an ancient Bible.

A. Mary born the 26th of the 3rd mo. 1712

B. John born the 23rd of the 9th mo. 1713

C. Jonathan born the 10th of the 3rd mo. 1715

D. William born the 13th of the 1st mo. 1716-1717

E. Ann born the 11th of the 12th mo. 1718-1719

F. Joseph born the 31st of the 12th mo. 1722

A. Mary Heacock married in 1733, Robert Penrose, son of Robert Penrose of Marple, and settled in Bucks County: children, a. John b. William c. Samuel d. Mary

a. John Penrose married Ann Thomas, their children, 1. Nathan 2. Thomas 3. Even 4. Martha 5. Ann 6. Jane 7. Mary

b. William penrose married and had two daughters

c. Samuel Penrose married, his children 1. Israel 2. Joseph 3. Jane

d. Mary Penrose married Edward Fell of Springfield, where they settled, Mary died in 1818 aged 65 years, their children were,

1 William born the 27th of the 5th mo. 1770

2 Thomas born the 24th of the 6th mo. 1781

3 Beulah born the 27th of the 2nd mo. 1783

4 Benjamin born the 14th of the 7th mo. 1785

5 Edward born the 23rd of the 6th mo. 1787

6 Maria born the 22nd of the 7th mo. 1790

7 Gulielma born the 27th of the 2nd mo. 1792

8 Joseph born the 24th of the 2nd mo. 1794

9 Deborah born the 12th of the 5th mo. 1793

1. William Fell married, children, a. Reese b. Penrose c. Mary Ann d. Maria

a. Reese Fell married and lived in Philadelphia, children, a. Henry, b. Edward, c. Marrion, d. Elizabeth, e. Laura, f. Reese.

b. Penrose Fell married and lived in Philadelphia. children, a. William, b. Albert, c. Nathan.

d. Maria Fell married __ Alsop, children , a. Edward, b. Reese.

5. Edward Fell married Ann G__, and settled in Springfield, children, a. George G., b. Lydia, c. Jane.

a. George G. Fell married and settled in Media, children., a. Joseph, b. Laura

b. Lydia Ann Fell married Jonathan Dutton, children, a. Jane, b. Ann, c. John, d. George.

a. Jane Dutton married Powell Clayton and settled in Philadelphia, child, Maggie.

c. Jane Fell married Abraham P. Morgan and settled in Aston, child, a. Anna.

6. Maria Fell married Thomas Maddock, children, a. Edward, b. Mary.

a. Edward Maddock married and lived in Philadelphia, child a. Maria..

b. Mary Maddock married John Beatty, children, a. George, b. Edward, c. Sarah, d. Ida, e. John, f. Walter.

7. Gulielma Fell married John Dunwoody, children, a. Jane, b. Gulielma.

8. Joseph Fell married, children, a. Lydia, b. Gulielma, c. Margarett.

b. Gulielma Fell married John Seal, child, a. Joseph.

9. Deborah Fell married William Beatty, children, a. Mary Ann, b. Thomas, c. William, d. Debby Ann.

a. Mary Ann Beatty married Samuel Ogden, children, a. Sarah Emma, b. Edward,

c. John.

b. Thomas Beatty married, children, a. Mary Emma, b. Joseph, c. Jannoi, d. Sallie,

e. Henry, f. Major Anderson.

c. William Beatty married, children, a. Ellas, b. Frank, c. William.

d. William.

d. Debby Ann Beatty married Rev. William Majir and resides in Montgomery County, children, a. Clara, b. Mary.

B. John Heacock married Sarah Taylor, daughter of Peter and Sarah Taylor of Providence, in 1739. they settled on a farm in Middletown, which has remained in the possession of some of his descendants until within a very short time. He was a cabinet maker and, in advanced life caused a walnut tree, which grew from a nut he once carried in his pocket, to be cut into boards, out of which he made his own coffin. In this he placed his grave clothes, and in conformity to his request they were used at his interment.

He died the 13th of the 11th mo. 1794, aged 80 years, and was buried at the Middleton friends grave yard. His children were, A. Jonathan, B. Ann, C. Nathan, D. John, E. Hannah.

A. Jonathan Heacock married Hannah Pyle in 1776, and settled in Delaware County on Darby Creek a short distance below Darby Village. He died the 1st of the 9th mo. 1832, and was interred at the friends burying ground at Darby. Their children were,

1. Joseph born the 23rd day of 7th mo. 1767

2. Isaac born the 16th day of 2nd mo. 1769

3. Benjamin born the 3rd day of 10th mo. 1770

4. Jacob born the 17th day of 12th mo. 1772

5. Sarah born the 5th day of 12th mo. 1774

6. Jonathan born the 20th day of 8th mo. 1776

7. Nathan born the 15th day of 3rd mo. 1779

8. Israel born the 15th day of 3rd mo. 1780

9. Hannah born the 13th day of 3rd mo. 1782

10. Phebe born the 21th day of 1st mo. 1784

11. John born the 6th day of 11th mo. 1786

12. Ann born the 6th day of 6th mo. 1789

1. Joseph Heacock married Mary Humphry and settled near his father in Darby, children, a. Rebecca, b. Jonathan, c. Elizabeth, d. Mary, e. Joseph.

b. Jonathan Heacock married Rebeccan Roberts, children, a. Mary, b. Edward, c. Joseph, d. Edward 2nd, e. Margaret.

a. Mary Heacock married William Yarnall and settled in Concord, have 3 children..

c. Joseph Heacock married Elizabeth Serril, have one child, Mary.

d. Edward Heacock married Sarah Dickenson and had one child, Joseph R.

e. Margaret Heacock married Joseph Powel and had 7 children.

c. Elizabeth Heacock married James Huston and settled in Chichester, children,

a. Rebecca, b. Mary, c. Robert, d. Eliza Ann, e. William.

2. Isaac Heacock settled in New Jersey, one child, Eliza.

a. Eliza Harker Heacock married 1st husband, Humphy Hill, 2nd John Hansel. children, a. George W., b. Howard W. They settled in Ohio.

a. George W. Hill married Sarah L. Stephenson, children, Emma, Anna.

3. Benjamin Heacock was killed by a horse in 1814, unmarried.

4. Jacob Heacock removed to Ohio in 1816 and married Susan Underwood, child, a. Isaac who married, children, a. Isaac, b. John, c. Sarah, d. William, e. Elizabeth.

6. Jonathan Heacock removed to Ohio in 1806 and married Sarah Underwood, children, a. Jacob, b. Elizabeth, c. Jonathan, d. Susan.

8. Israel Heacock married Jemima Parsons in 1807 and settled in Delaware Co. Pa. He afterwards removed to Baltimore County Ma. 7 miles from Baltimore. and died in 1861, children, a. Mary, b. Hannah, c. Phebe, d. Eliza, e. John, f. Israel, g. Emaline,

h. Sulme, I. Mahlon.

g. Emaline Heacock married William Gamble of Baltimore County Md. and after her death her sister Eliza also married him.

b. Hannah Heacock married Frank Lloyd.

10. Phebe Heacock marrried Benjamin Bartram in 1807 and settled near Darby Village, they afterwards removed to Chichester, children, a. Henry, b. Benjamin, c. Ann,

d. Hannah, e. Jonathan

a. Henry Bartram married Anna Maria Vandever and had two children.

b. Benjamin Bartram married Elizabeth Vandever, children, a. Elwood, b. Franklin.

c. Ann Bartram married Robert Dutton and settled in Chester, children, a. Cariline,

b. Emily, c. Hannah, d. Annabella, e. Julius, f. Albert.

d. Hannah Bartram married William Booth of Chichester, children, a. Bartram, b. Martha.

b. Martha Booth married ------- Gibson of Chester.

12. Ann Heacock married Howard Williams in 1812 and settled in Philadelphia, children, a. Reed Augustus, b. Annabella, c. Joseph, d. Mary.

a. Reed A. Williams married Elizabeth English and settled in Philadelphia, children, Elizabeth, Reed, Clement.

b. Annabella Williams married Henry P. Lloyd and settled in Philadelphia, children,

Howard, Anna H.

c. Joseph Williams married Patty Shoemaker and settled in Philadelphia, children, Frank, Howard.

d. Mary Williams married Frank Shoemaker and settled in Philadelphia, children, Thomas, Florence K., Mary.

9. Hannah and 11 John never married but continued to reside at the homestead while they lived.

n. Ann Heacock married Jacob Minshall in 1777 and settled in Middletown, child, 1 Hannah born in 1782 who married Enos Painter of E. Brantford, Chester Co. in 1800 and settled in Middletown. the children of Enos and Hannah Painter were, a. Minshall, b. James, c. Sarah, d. Hannah, e. Sidney, f. Jacob, g. Ann.

b. James Painter married Betsy G. Thatcher and settled in East Bradford, Chester Co. and had 5 children

c. Sarah Painter married Eusobins Barnard and settled in Pennsbury, Chester Co. and had 8 children.

d. Hannah Painter married John Barnard and settled in West Marlborough, Chester Co. and had 3 children.

e. Sidney Painter married John Sharpless and settled in concord and had 11 children.

g. Ann Painter married William Tyler and settled in Philadelphia and had 2 children.

c. Nathan Heacock married Priscilla Thomas in 1771, she died not long after, he then married Margaret Lynn and at a more advanced life he married Jane Wier, he settled in at the homestead in Middletown and had by his 2nd wife the following children, 1. Peter, 2. John, 3. Sarah, 4. Enoch.

1. Peter Heacock Married Sarah Allen and settled on a part of land belonging to his father in Middletown, children, a. Elizabeth, b. Ann, After the death of Sarah he married Susanna Martin, children, c. Jacob, d. George, e. Susanna, f. Margaret.

a. Elizabeth Heacock married James Bottomly and settled in Middletown.

f. Margaret Heacock married Crawford Cougler and settled in Delaware Co. children, Sarah, ______ .

2. John Heacock married Leah bird and settled near Marcushook, children, a. Nathan,

b. Isaac, c. Sarah, d. Margaret.

a. Nathan Heacock married Elizabeth Lloyd, children, John, Elizabeth.

c. Sarah Heacock married Ralph cloud.

d. Margaret Heacock married Ralph Cloud.

3. Sarah Heacock married Pennyright Joice and settled in Middletown, children, a. Ann,

b. Jane, c. Anna Maria d. John.

a. Ann Joice married Clayton Smith and settle in Media. and had several children.

b. Jane Joice married James Broadbent and settled in Middletown.

c. Anna Maria Joice married Davis Chalfant and settled in Middletown, children, a. Anna Mary, b. Amy, c. William.

d. John Joice married ______ .

4. Enoch Heacock married Hannah Worrall and settled in Philadelphia, children, a. B. Franklin. b. Mary Ann.

a. B. Franklin Heacock married Jane Coats and settled in Delaware County, Indiana. Jane died in 1865. Children a. Thomas E, b. Hannah, c. Amelia Jacobs.

a. Thomas E. Heacock married and settled in Harrison County Iowa, children, Jane, Amelia Melvina, B. Franklin, Caroline Louisa.

b. Hannah Heacock married Jacob Beck, children, Amelia Jane, Walter K., Jesse Bell.

b. Mary Ann Heacock married Israel Supplee and settled in Merrion, Montgomery County Pa., children, Horatio Jones, Levi P..

? Hannah Heacock married Nicholas Woolas in 1772 and settled in Edgemont, she died in 1797, their children, 1. Sarah, 2. Rachel, 3. Mary, 4. Phebe.

1. Sarah Woolas, born 11th of 11th mo. 1774, married Aaron Mendenhall and settled in Pensbury, children.

a. Ann Born 27th 10th mo. 1804

b. Isaac born 29th 9th mo. 1806

c.(Elwood?) born 8th 1st mo. 1808

d. Hannah born 2nd 4th mo. 1810

e. Sarah born 17th 11th mo. 1813

f. Nathan born 25th 12th mo. 1816

a. Ann Mendenhall married Stephen Darlington and settled in Pennsbury, children,

a. Fenelon, b. Sarah, c.Louisa, d. Emma, e. Lamertine.

a. Fenelon Darlington married Hannah G. Tussy, children, _______.

b. Isaac Mendenhall married Dinah Hannum and settled in Pennsbury, children, a. Anna,

b, Aaron, c. Luther, d. Sarah, e. Sarah Hannah.

b. Aaron Mendenhall married Ellie K. Taylor and settled in Pennsbury, child, Anna.

c. Elwood Mendenhall married S. Cox and settled in Pennsbury, children, a. Alfred,

b. Milton, c. Clarkson, d. Hannah C, e. Sidney.

a. Alfred Mendenhall married Priscilla Mendenhall, child, Elwood.

d. Hannah Mendenhall married James Trimble, no issue.

e. Sarah Mendenhall married Chalkley Way, children, Wilmoth, Hannah, Lucretia, Martha, Anna.

2. Rachel Woolas born on 18th of 12th mo. 1782 and died 14th of 12th mo. 1830, married Moses Mendenhall in 1803 and settled in Pennsbury, their children were,

a. Nicholas born 17th 2nd mo. 1804

b. Samuel born 13th 8th mo. 1805

c. Hannah born 1st 11th mo. 1807

d. Eli born 19th 6th mo. 1810

e. Phebe born 31st 3rd mo. 1813

f. Joseph born 8th 11th mo. 1815

g. Ann born 15th 3rd mo. 1818

h. Rachel born 11th 1st mo. 1823

a. Nicholas Mendenhall married Sarah T. Sharpless in 1831 and settled in West Chester, children, a. Elizabeth, b. Sharpless, c. Edwin.

a. Elizabeth S. Mendenhall married George Bogle in 1831 and settled at Columbia, Lancaster Co. and had two children.

b. Samuel Mendenhall married Phebe Miller in 1830 and settled in Knox County, Ohio, Children, Thomas, Elvinn, Isaac, Louisa, Nicholas.

c. Hannah Mendenhall married James W. Mendenhall in 1834 and settled in Pennsbury, children, a. Thomas, b. Rachel, c. Angelina, d. Emily, e. Joseph.

a. Thomas Mendenhall married Hannah J. Hollingsworth in 1860 and settled in Bradford, Chester Co. and have two children.

g. Ann Mendenhall married Emmor Garret in 1837 and settled in Birmingham, had six children.

3. Mary Woolas married Aaron Matson and settled in Goshen, Mary died in 1826, children, a. John, b. Hannah, c. Mary.

b. Hannah Matson married John Broomall, children, a. Sarah b. Eli M., Hannah died 1838

b. Eli M. Broomhall married Mary Worrall and settled at Chester, children, Ella, Hannah, ____ .

c. Eli Matson married Sarah Hoopes in 1833 and settled in Goshen, child, Sarah. Eli died 1838, age 37 years.

d. Jane Matson married Samuel Augee and settled in West Chester, children, a. Clinton, b. Mary Jane, c. Samuel Truman.

c. Samuel Truman Augee married Bell Johnson, child Gertrude.

e. Mary Matson married Aaron James and settled in Media, child, Wilmer W.

4. Phebe Woolas married William Hart and removed to Luzern Co. Pa. Phebe died Sept. 4th, 1859. Children, Jesse, Edith, Hannah, Anna, Sidney, Mary, Amos. They were all married and Jesse had 4 children by his first wife and had other children by a 2nd. wife.

d. John Heacock married his cousin Mary Heacock and settled in Middletown. He died in 1856 and Mary died in 1820, children, 1. Thomas, 2. Sarah, 3. Phebe, 4. Hannah, 5. Tacy, 6. Joseph.

4. Hannah Heacock married Thomas Pratt and settled in Marple, child, a. Thomas

a. Thomas Pratt married Mary Worrall and settled in Middletown, children,

a. Elizabeth, b. Hannah, c. William, d. T. Minshall, e. Peter, f. Phineas, g. Anna Mary.

a. Elizabeth Pratt married Jesse Darlington and settled in Middletown, Children, Eugene, Laura.

b. Hannah Pratt married Jesse Darlington and settled in Middletown, child, Horace.

c. William Pratt married Clementine M. Johnson and settled in Middletown, children, Charles, Thomas.

6. Joseph Heacock married Naomi Pyle and settled in Middletown, children, a. John, b. Phebe, c. Mary, d. Elizabeth, e. Richard, f. Thomas, g. Charles.

a. John Heacock married Sarah Miller and settled in Middletown, children, Joseph Layton, Charles, Anna Mariah, Ellen.

b. Phebe Heacock married Maris Waddle and settled in Middletown, children, Hannah, Joseph, Thomas, Tacy Ann, Mary, Lewis W.. Hannah Waddle married Job Bonsal and had two children.

c. Mary Heacock, child Henry.

d. Elizabeth Heacock married George Dulk, children, Edward, Sarah.

f. Thomas Heacock married Amy Roberts and settled in Middletown, children, Louis, George, Emma Francis.

g. Charles Heacock married Anna Baker and settled in West Chester, children, Henry, Elsworth.

C. Jonathan Heacock married Susanna Morgan, children, a. John b. Nathan c. Jonathan,

and three sisters.

a. John Heacock married Ester Pyle and settled at Redstone, they afterwards removed to Ohio and had seven children, 1. Nathan, 2. Samuel, 3. Amy, 4. Benjamin, 5. Anna, 6. John, 7. Hannah.

1. Nathan Heacock married Hannah John about the year 1806, children, a. Phebe, b. Joseph, c. Sarah, d. Josiah, e. John, f. Esther, g. Joel born the 11th of the 12th mo. 1823, Mary.

a. Phebe Heacock married Charles Shinn, children, Joseph, Hannah.

c. Sarah Heacock married William Wrenn, children, Levi, Esther, Lydia, Eliza, Serena, Linley, Lemuel, Walter.

g. Joel Heacock married Hannah Gaskill 3rd mo. 6th 1845 and resides at Marlboro, Stark co. Ohio. children, T. Mortimer, Araminta, Byron, Charles Clement, S. Leona, C. Curtis, Daniel G., William Penn, Nathan Albert, Elmer G.

b. Nathan died young.

c. Jonathan Heacock removed to Canada West.

One sister went with her brother John to Redstone, another went with Jonathan to Canada, a third went off and was not heard of afterwards by her relatives.

D. William Heacock settled in Rockhill, Bucks Co. Pa. and married Ann Roberts of that place. Their children,

a. Jeremiah born 8th of 6th mo. 1747 Old Style

b. William born 22nd of 3rd mo. 1747

c. Ann born 19th of 4th mo. 1756

d. Mary born 11th of 5th mo. 1752 New Style

e. Jesse born 20th of 2nd mo. 1754

f. Alice born 7th of 2nd mo. 1756

g. Jane born 10th of 2nd mo. 1758

h. Jonathan born 11th of 4th mo. 1760

I. Jesse born 16th of 2nd mo. 1763

a. Jeremiah Heacock married Sarah Morgan and settled in Bucks Co. Pa. They afterwards removed to the mountains in Pa., their children were, 1 Isacher, 2. Josiah, 3. Richard, 4. Thomas, 5. Rosamond, 6. Sarah, 7. Hannah, 8. William, 9. Nathan, 10. Mary, 11. Margaret, 12. Anna, 13. Amos, 14. Martha, 15, Jane and one more.

1. Isacher Heacock married Susan Walt and settled in Bucks Co. Pa., children, a. John, b. Henry, c. Isaac, d. William, e. Samuel, F. Sarah, g. Mary, h. Tacy, Amos.

a. John Heacock married and had two children, he settled in Bucks Co. but died soon afterwards.

c. Isaac Heacock married Hannah Deil and had two children, His son Henry is a carpenter in Philadelphia.

e. Samuel Heacock married and settled in Bucks Co. and had children.

g. Mary Heacock married and is living in Norristown.

Henry, William, Sarah and Tacy died young. Issacher and nearly all his children died with the consumption.

2. Josiah Heacock married Jane Green and removed to Greenwood, Columbia Co. Pa. in 1810. he died the 26th of the 9th mo. 1847. children,

a. Joseph born the 24th 1st mo. 1792

b. Jeremiah born the 7th 1st mo. 1794

c. Jesse born 1797

d. Amos born the 10th 7th mo. 1799

e. Enos born the 9th 1st mo. 1801

f. Richard born the 18th 10th mo. 1802

g. Peremimia born the 18th 7th mo. 1804

h. Hannah born the 8th 11th mo. 1806

I. Sarah born the 26th 6th mo. 1808

j. Mary born the 14th 5th mo. 1813

k. Rosamond born the 27th 9th mo. 1816

l. Lavina born the 10th 1st mo. 1820

a. Joseph Heacock Married Margaret Rester in 1816 and settled at Greenwood. Their children are,

b. Sarah born the 7th 6th mo. 1818

a. Jessie born the 14th 3rd mo. 1820

c. Josiah born the 14th 11th mo. 1821

d. samuel born the 29th 10th mo. 1823

e. Jane born the 9th 9th mo. 1825

f. Asenath born the 8th 10th mo. 1826

g. Hannah born the 19th 9th mo. 1828

h. Amos born the 16th 2nd mo. 1830

i. John born the 18th 7th mo. 1833

j. William born the 3rd 4th mo. 1836

k. Martha born the 4th 2nd mo. 1838

l. Joseph born the 1st 1st mo. 1841

a. Sarah Heacock married Thomas Mendenhall in 1857 and lives at Muncy, Lycoming Co. Pa., children, Lydia, Susan D..

b. Jesse Heacock married Lydia Parker 20th of 2nd mo. 1844 and resides at Greenwood, Pa., children, Lucy, Elma, Acintha, Joseph, Anna M., Sarah E., Eli H., Susanna, Abigail H..

c. Josiah Heacock removed to California in 1849.

d. Samuel Heacock married Susan Winner and lives in Columbia Co. Pa., children, Anna Rogina, Emma G., Mary, Laura, William, Louisa, Lizzie.

f. Asenath Heacock married Joshua Clayton 2nd mo. 1st. 1856 and resides in Canada. Children, Anna P., Isaac, Margaret R., June E., Joseph II.

g. Hannah Heacock married George W. Henrie, children, Josiah W., Sarah M., Clem___ R., George W..

k. Martha Heacock is teaching at Westtown B. School.

l. Joseph Heacock is a carpenter in Philadelphia.

b. Jeremiah Heacock married Alice Evans in 18-0 and resides near Greenwood. Children, a. Angelina, b. Mary J., c. William E., d. Esther, e. Elwood, f. Hannah A.

c. William E. Heacock married Mary E. Smith in 1868.

f. Hannah A. Heacock married Joseph Crawford in 1868.

c. Jesse Heacock married for his second wife, Phebe Hicks, resides at Jerseytown, Columbianna Co. Pa., child, Clarence.

d. Amos Heacock married Hannah Rester both are deceased, child Amos.

e. Enos Heacock married Mary Ogden, children,

a. Isaac born the 20th of the 6th mo. 1824

b. Jane born the 2nd of the 10th mo. 1826

c. Rachel born the 24th of the 11th mo. 1828

d. Sarah born the 10th of the 1st mo. 1831

e. Elizabeth

f. Abigail born the 28th of the 12th mo. 1833

g. Alfred born the 20th of the 12th mo. 1835

h. Josiah born the 20th of the 4th mo. 1837

a. Isaac Heacock married Mary J. Harvey, children, Harvey E., Charles E., Stacy S., Anna T.

d. Sarah Ann Heacock Married Hendric Bongs.

e. Elizabeth Heacock married Uriah Mc.Henry.

g. Alfred Heacock married Martha Mother for 1st wife and Mary Ruckle for 2nd wife.

h. Josiah Heacock married Mary Ikler.

f. Richard Heacock married Sarah Cramer, children, a. Amanda, b. Mary Jane, c. Rosamond, d. Sophia, e. George, f. Mathias.

b. Mary Jane Heacock married Levi H. Priest, children, Louisa, William.

c. Rosamond Heacock married Benton Cole.

d. Sophia Heacock married Washington Ruckle.

g. Peremima Heacock married John Shoemaker and removed to Jefferson Co. Pa.

I. Sarah Heacock married Samuel Craig, child, Tacy J..

k. Rosamond Heacock married George Hester, 4th of 10th mo. 1833, children, Jane A.,

Elizabeth H., Joseph B., Samuel B., Mary C..

l. Lavina Heacock married Michael shoemaker, children, Jane, William, Joseph, Hannah, Isaac, Elizabeth, Eli, John, Sarah, Rosamond.

Jane married Albert Shields, Hannah married ______ .

3. Richard Heacock was born 31st of 8th mo. 1770. died 3rd of 9th mo. 1838. He married Sarah Thomas in 1801 but she did not live long, he then married Jane Girth in 1833 and settled at Salem, Ohio. Children, a. Alfred born 18th of the 5th mo. 1804, b. James W. c. Mary A. d. Emily W. born 2nd of the 11th mo. 1811. e. W. H. Harrison, f. Rachel W. born 24th of 8th mo. 1817, g. Pelina..

a. Alfred Heacock M. D. resides at St. Louis, Mo. His first wife, Hannah Townsend died and left no children, for 2nd wife he married Maria L. Amon. Children, Virginia, Alice,


c. Mary Ann Heacock married David W. Hum in 1825 and settled in Salem Ohio. Children, Angelina B. James W., Richard W. Columbus, Sebra M., Elizabeth Jane.

d. Emily W. Heacock married Ebenezer Cole in 1850, child, Richard.

F. Rachel W. Heacock married Jacob Ketchemin 1840, children, Emily Jane, Alfred, Hannah Ann, Cyrus, Mary Elizabeth.

4. Thomas Heacock settled in Muncy and had children.

5. Rosamond Heacock died unmarried, age about 84.

6. Sarah, Margaret and Ann must have died young.

7. Hannah Heacock married Isaac Baily and settled at Salem, Ohio. Children, William and others.

8. William Heacock was born on the 12th of 12th mo. 1779. He married Hannah Straughan in 1810, children, a. Jeremiah, b. Sarah, c. Alfred, d. Amanda who died young, e. Amanda M. f. Mary Jane.

a. Jeremiah Heacock married Dorothy Kepler in 1833.

b. Sarah Heacock married Samuel Bard in 1840.

c. Alfred Heacock married Elizabeth Kepler in 1836. Children by 1st wife, Rosalthe V., Lucinda, Catherine. By his 2nd wife, John F., Emma, by his 3rd wife, Maggie, by 4th wife, Effie, Harriet, William.

e. Amanda M. Heacock married James McKee in 1840

9. Nathan Heacock born 16th of 4th mo. 1783, married Dinah Dennis 30th of 9th mo. 1806. He died 28th of 6th mo. 1866. Residence, Salem Ohio. Children,

a. Amos born the 27th of the 10th mo. 1808

b. Edwin born the 19th of the 4th mo. 1811

c. Jane d. born the 12th of the 8th mo. 1812

d. Asanath born the 26th of the 6th mo. 1814

e. Milton born the 23rd of the 12th mo. 1815

f. Barton born the 13th of the 1st mo. 1818

g. Uriah A. born the 14th of the 6th mo. 1819

h. Elias H. born the 6th of the 1st mo. 1821

I. Enos born the 5th of the 9th mo. 1822

j. Josiah Wilson 8th of the 7th mo. 1824

k. Tacy W. born the 22nd of the 4th mo. 1827

b. Edwin Heacock married Hannah Barber 16th of 6th mo. 1836, children, a. Louis A.,

b. Dennis, c. Isaac, d. Nathan S., e. Chalkley T., f. Curtis, g. Edgar, h. Emmorson.

a. Louis A. Heacock married Pelena W. Monk 6th of 7th mo., child, Jacob Edwin.

b. Dennis Heacock married Martha McKane 1st of 6th Mo. 1867, had one son, He served three years in the army and was wounded in the battle of Chattanooga.

c. Isaac Heacock married Amanda McMan 17th of 5th month 1864, children, Eliza,

Thomas E..

d. Nathan Heacock married Mariah L. McMan 3rd of 4th mo. 1864, children, Wilson, Hannah, Hannah M., Eliza...

c. Jane D. Heacock married Ezra Barton 5th mo. 1831, children, a. Emaline, b. Angelina,

c. Jane D..

a. Emaline Barton married Benjamin Gaskil in 1853, children, Celestie, Lewis, Frank,

William, Bell..

b. Angelina Barton married Webster W. Richards in 1861, children, William, Ann, Eliza D., Annie M.

c. Jane D. Barton married Joshua Polie in 1859, children, Willas, Mary, Harriet J.

d. Asenath Heacock married Nathan Thomas in 1841 and lives in Henry County, Iowa.

children, Angeline, Mary, Chalkley, Jane, Kersey.

e. Milton Heacock married Rebecca Thomas 19th of 9th mo. 1838 and resides at Nebraska City. children, a. Sarah J., b. Ann Eliza, c. Ephram. Rebecca died and Milton married Hanna Ann Passmore in 1846. children, d. Joseph Linly, e. Wilson,

f. Phebe Ann, g. Mary, h. Alfred. They removed to Nebraska.

a. Sarah Jane married George Passmore and resides in Indiana, three children.

b. Ann Eliza married Benjamin Rosdel and lives in Nebraska, two or three children.

c. Ephram is married.

f. Barton Heacock married Rachel Barber 14th of 11th mo. 1839 and resides at

Salem Ohio. Children, Millisea, Clarkson, Oliver V., Rebecca J., Sarah A., Isaac,

William A., Alice, Elvira, Leota, Edith.

g. Uriah A. Heacock married Sarah Barber in 1843, children, Barclay, Edwin, Charles,

Emma A.

h. Elias H. Heacock married Eliza T. Thomas in 1843, children, Amos, Lucretia M.

I. Enos Heacock married Ann Taylor in 1852, children, J. Taylor, Addie, Nathan.

k. Tacy W. Heacock married Milton Coffee in 1852. children, Viola D., Mary J., Alma A., Clara B.

Barton adds, after furnishing us with an account of his father's family, "It might be interesting to some of the younger ones to know that my father, Nathan Heacock, settled in Smith Township in the spring of 1825, when I was seven years of age. With the exception of a few farms just commenced it was a vast wilderness. I well remember the paths that led from one place to another, and how William and myself used to go through the woods to mill, on horse back, with a bushel of corn or wheat, which we would have to wait for, sometimes, nearly as long as it would take our family to eat it. My father and older brothers built a small log cabin with a chimney across the end of it so that we could put wood in, probably ten feet long. Now the young folks that are to follow after us may imagine how we looked, being thirteen in family, when we got what would justly be called a log heap on the hearth for a fire, and the wolves howling not far off, which I can well remember hearing. I have probably seen twelve or fourteen deer together in sight of the house.

10. Mary Heacock never married, lived at Salem, Ohio.

13. Amos Heacock married, settled at Muncy, Pa..

14. Martha, child, Idith Jenkins living in Bucks Co.

15. Jane Heacock married Charles Dennis, children, Esther S., Edith.

b. William Heacock married Mariam Thomas and settled at Richland, Bucks Co. Pa.

children, 1. Edward, 2. James, 3. Samuel, 4. Joseph, 5. Mirza, 6. Margaret, 7. Martha.

1. Edward Heacock married and had children.

2. James Heacock married, child, Samuel who resides near Debuke Iowa.

3. Samuel Heacock who married Unice Phillips and settled in Columbiana Ohio.

4. Joseph Heacock married Sarah Swenn, children, a. Aleada S., b. Albert, c. William S..

a. Aleada s. married Aaron Julian, five children

b. Albert married Julia Orberson and resides in Missouri, children, Lawrence, Wilbert, Frank..

c. William S. married Eliza Osborn and resides at Morrow County, Ohio. children,

David O., Chales Nerveck.

7. Martha Heacock married and settled in Columbiana County, Ohio.

c. Ann Heacock married Joseph Rawling, children, 1. Thomas, 2. Margaret, 3. Ann, 4. Jane.

1. Thomas Rawling married Ann Brown of Woodbury N.J., child, Franklin.

2. Margaret Rawling married Joseph Fisher, no issue.

3. Ann Rawling married William Moss and had one son and three daughters, now in the west.

4. Jane Rawling married Luther Norris and live in Ill.

d. Mary Heacock married Thomas Strawn, child, Thomas who married at Redstone and settled in Indiana.

F. Alice Heacock married Henry Wilson, children, 1. Jane, 2. Ann, 3. Rachel, 4. Tacy.

Henry died and Alice married Josiah Dennis in 1793, children, 5. Cinthia, 6. Wilson,

7. Josiah.

1. Jane Wilson married William Strawn, children, Enos, Joel, Eli, Tacy, Matilda, Alice.

Enos and Tacy reside near Salem Ohio. Matilda and Eli married and have children and reside at Quakertown Pa.

g. Jane Heacock married Amos Dennis, children, Dianah born 1781, Charles.

h. Jonathan Heacock learned the tanning business in Haverford, Delaware Co. Pa. He married Hannah Davis and lived with his father-in-law. Children,

1. Joseph b 6th day 6th mo. 1784 died 24 of the 9 mo. 1867

2. Martha b 10th day 1st mo. 1786 died

3. Jesse D. b 24th day 11th mo. 1788

4. Reece b 24th day 7th mo. 1791 died 27th of the 2nd mo. 1866

5. Anna b 24th day 4th mo. 1784 died 26th of the 2nd mo. 1865

6. Mary b 22nd day 4th mo. 1794

7. Davis b 16th day 10th mo. 1797

8. Jonathan b 6th day 3rd mo. 1799 died 9th of the 9th mo. 1858

9. Eli b 25th day 2nd mo. 1805

1. Joseph Heacock married and removed to Huntsville, Alabama. He had four sons and four daughters.

2. Martha Heacock married John Bunting of Darby on the 19th of the 6th mo. 1810, children, a. Hannah, b. Jesse, c. Sarah, d. Samuel, e. Hannah the 2nd, f. Martha,

g. Rebecca II, h. Mary.

b. Jesse D. Bunting married and had children. Two sons served in the army.

d. Samuel Bunting married and had children

e. Hannah Bunting married John Bartram and had three sons and one daughter.

g. Rebecca II Bunting married William Richards and has three children.

h. Mary Bunting married E. Hicks Trueblood and settled near Salem Indiana.

3. Jesse D. Heacock married Priscilla Yarnell, children, a. Charles, b. Elizabeth,

c. Hannah D., d. Joseph D., e. Orpha Ann, f. Adaline

a. Charles married Mary Tyson, no issue.

b. Elizabeth married Mathew Wood, children, Reece, Nathan.

c. Hannah D. married Minshall Enchus, children, Martha, William Henry, Matilda, Elizabeth.

d. Joseph D. married Susan Hanumn in 1854, children, Priscilla Y., Jesse D, William R..

e. Orpha Ann Married Thomas Bartram, no issue.

f. Adeline married Joseph Roberts, children, Jesse, Isaac, Penrose, Joseph, William.

4. Reece Heacock married Mary Lawrence, no issue.

5. Anna Heacock married Benjamin Bonsall. Their children died young except Amos,

who went with Dr. Kane on his celebrated expedition in search of Sir John Franklin.

Anna for 2nd husband married Nathan H. Baker in 1838, one son, Ellwood, who is

practicing medicine in Upper Darby.

6. Mary Heacock married David Bonsall in 1821, children, a. Samuel, b. Hannah,

c. Margaret, d. Rachel, e. Martha, f. Anna Elizabeth, g. Jonathan II, h. Reece II,

I. Jesse T. II..

a. Samuel Bonsall married and has children.

b. Hannah Ann Bonsall married and has one child.

d. Rachel Bonsall is married.

f. Anna E. Bonsall married Jonas Steel, one child.

g. Jonathan II Bonsall married and has one child.

i. Jesse T. II Bonsall married and has one child.

7. Davis Heacock married May Williamson and had two sons and three daughters,

they reside in Illinois.

8. Jonathan Heacock married Mary Ann Super in 1823, no children.

9. Eli Heacock married Orpha Evans and had one son, Reece. He served in the army and now lives west.

I. Jesse Heacock married Tacy Thompson 22th of 10th mo. 1785. He died the 30th of 9th mo. 1841, children.

1. John born 28th of 8th mo. 1786

2. Jonah born 18th of 2nd mo. 1788

3. William born 19th 1st mo. 1790

4. Ann born 27th 12th mo. 1791

5. Joel born 26th 3rd mo. 1794

6. Margaret born 27th 3rd mo. 1796

7. Jesse T. born 12th 6th mo. 1798

8. Joseph born 26th 8th mo. 1800

9. Enos born 20th 12th mo. 1802

10. Nathan born 27th 4th mo. 1806

11. Aaron born 27th 7th mo. 1808

1. John Heacock married Christianna Strawn in 1810. He died in 1868 aged 82 years.

children, a. Salathiel, b. Miles, c. Daniel S., d. Ganer S., e. Jesse, f. Rachel,

g. Septamus, h. Tacy Ann.

John married Rachel Anderson for second wife.

a. Salathiel Heacock married Anne Weeks in 1842, children, Alfred W., Mary E.,

Lydia A., John S., Charles W.

b. Miles Heacock married Ann Cope in 1840. Children, John D., Annie R.

c. Daniel S. Heacock married Edna Ann Hiatt in 1845, children, Alice J., Mary Etta,

Caroline J. Abel S.

e. Jesse Heacock married Mary E. Anderson in 1841. Children, Sarah J., Jesse H.,

William A., Mary Emma,

f. Rachel W. Heacock married Henry A. Whitely in 1854. Children, Alice, Jesse, Cyrus.

2. Jonah Heacock married Abigail Warner in 1813 and died in 1861. Children,

a. Elizabeth, b. Phebe, c. Warner, Tacy T., e. Jesse W. f. Abigail.

a. Elizabeth Heacock never married.

b. Phebe Heacock married David Wilson in 1849 and resides in Henry Co. Indiana. Children, Adeline B., Emma M..

c. Warner Heacock married Alice _____ in 1846. Children, Charles, Anna Mary, Abigail, Joseph, Susan, Adeline, Ella Louisa.

d. Tacy T. Heacock married Mathew Anson in 1850. Children, Caroline R., M. Lizzie, Ellen Jane, John C., William T..

e. Jesse W. Heacock married Rachel Barnes in 1850. Child, May Louisauna, deceased.

f. Abigail Heacock married Edward Benington for 2nd husband J. Baker. Children, Ella Anna, Mary Lilian, Henry, Edward D., Tacy Emma

3. William Heacock married Lavina Penrose, in 1815, settled in Bucks Co. Pa. Children

a. Evelina P., b. N. Barclay.

b. N. Barclay Heacock married Salome Fries in 1850. Children, William Winfield,

Ariminda F., Fillmore, Dewitt Clinton, Edwin Ellwood, Lorette, Anna Mary, Evalavina, Henry Fries, James Finley.

4. Ann Heacock married Samuel M. Foulk in 1813 and settled in Indiana. Children,

a. Tacy H., b. Margaretta, c. Jessie, d. Sarah, e. Joseph, f. Edith, g. Mary Ellen.

a. Tacy H. Foulk married Si(l?)is Bust. She died 1842.

b. Margaretta Foulk married Elijah Lily.

c. Jesse Foulk married Michel Johnson in 1848. Children, Mary Ellen, Deborah Jane, Joshua, Oliver. For second wife Jesse married Martha Doan in 1859. Children, Enos,

John. Mary Ellen married John Day in 1868. Reside at Indianola, Iowa.

d. Sarah Foulk married William Butler and have children. They reside at Iowa Falls.

e. Joseph Foulk married Elizabeth Atkin in 1856, one child, Joseph Enos.

f. Edith Foulk married Allen Talbot in 1853. Children, John, Almira Bell, William,

Elmer E..

5. Joel Heacock married Abigail Roberts about 1840. Child, Joel Levi. Joel died the 19th of 3rd mo. 1853.

6. Margaret Heacock married John Good in 1830, at Richland Friend's Meeting. Children

Sarah H., Tacy T., Mary R., Margaret for 2nd husband married Jonathan Carr in 1847,

no issue.

9. Jesse T. Heacock married Elizabeth Reece 12th of 2nd mo. 1844. Child, T. Reece born

the 14th of the 10th mo. 1847.

8. Joseph Heacock married Esther Hallowell in 1824. Settled near Jenkintown, Montgomery Co. Pa.. Children, a. John, b. Eliza, c. Ganer, d. William, e. Edward,

f. Ellwood, g. Ann, h. Jane, I.Martha, J. Joseph, k. Henry S..

d. William Heacock married Julia A. Overboitzer in 1863 and resides in Phila.

Children, Esther, Ellwood.

e. Edward Heacock married Annette _____ of Ohio. One child Annie N. Edward served three years in the army.

9. Enos Heacock married Sarah Foulk about 1827, and settled near Lewisville Indiana,

Children, A. Hannah F. b. Hugh F., c. William, d. E. Ellwood.

a. Hannah F. Heacock married Levi P. Wood. Children, Joseph H., Sarah H., William Owen, Phebe Alice, Chalkley Enos, Charles Sumner.

b.Hugh T(?). Heacock married Ann Fairbanks, children, Mary Ann, Edgar, John I., Sarah Florence.

c. William Heacock married and had one child. He was accidentally killed by a gun.

d. Ellwood Heacock married Ann Weaver. Children, Ulysses G., Clara Lenora. Ellwood served three years in the army.

10 Nathan Heacock Married Elizabeth Hallowell in 1829 and settled in Montgomery Co.

Pa. for nine years, when they moved to Henry Co., Indiana, but now live in Wabash Co., Indiana. Children, a. Julia, b. Mary Ann, c. Ruben, d. Elizabeth, e. Jonah,

f. Sarah Jane.

a. Julia A. Heacock married Josiah I. Lewis in 1848. Children, Nathan H., Mary L., Marcus Aurelius, Sarah Jane, Ruben H., Charles Alistus.

b. Mary Ann Heacock married Mordica Morris in 1852. Children, Sarah B., Mary E.,

Lizzie A., Alice E., Charles E.

c. Jonah Heacock married Zilpha Holloway in 1863. He served three years in the army.

11. Aaron Heacock married Hannah M. Wood in 1839. Children, Margaret G., Sarah,

Phebe W., Deborah F., Jacob.

E. Ann Heacock married James Morgan 23rd of 3rd mo. 1745 and settled in Rockhill, Bucks County, Pa. Children, a. Sarah, b. Mary, c. John, d. Isaac.

a. Sarah Morgan married her cousin Jeremiah Heacock. See page 12 d. Jeremiah

b. Mary Morgan married Samuel Robbins, no issue.

c. John Morgan married Rebecca Porter in 1785. He died in 1835. Children,

1. Elizabeth P. born 5th of 9th mo. 1786

2. Isaac born 8th of 10th mo. 1789

3. Anna born 19th of 1st mo. 1791

4. William P. born 28th of 6th mo. 1793

5. Mary born 18th of 8th mo. 1795

6. Hannah born 30th of 7th mo. 1798

7. John born 18th of 3rd mo. 1801

1. Elizabeth P. Morgan married Aaron Speakman and settled in Chester Co. She died in

1846, no issue.

2. Isaac Morgan married Hannah Pennell and settled in Aston, he died in 1868. Children, a. William, b. Abraham, c. Rebecca, d. Hannah P., e. Isaac, f. Mary Ann, John.

b. Abraham P. Morgan married Jane Fell. see page 6, c. Jane fell..... Children,

Fell, Edward, Edward, Mary, Isaac, Anna.

c. Rebecca Morgan married John Forsythe and settled in Pennsbury, Chester Co.

d. Hannah P. Morgan married Caleb Webster and settled in Middletown. Children,

Thomas Miller, Isaac M., William Henry, George C.,

e. Isaac Morgan married Mary Bacon. Children, Thomas, Elizabeth, Isaac.

f. Mary R. Morgan married Samuel Smith. Children, Hannah, Martha, Anna, Mary, Elizabeth.

2. Anna Morgan never married, died 21st 3rd mo. 1858.

4. William P. Morgan married Theadosia B. Grover and settled in Edgemont, He died without issue.

5. Mary R. Morgan married Ellis Yarnall and settled in Concord. Children, Elizabeth, John, Hannah, William P., Ellis W.

Hannah married Edwin Chandler, two children.

William P. married Mary Heacock. see page 7, a. Mary Heacock....

7. John Morgan remained unmarried at the homestead in Edgemont, he died in 1859.

d. Ann Morgan married Elisha Lester.

e. Isaac Morgan married and settled in Bucks County, he afterward resided with his

brother John in Edgemont. He died 30th of 9th mo. 1841 without issue.

F. Joseph Heacock married Hannah Massey in 1752 and settled at the homestead in Marple. Children, a. Sarah, b. Mary, c. Phebe, d.James.

a.Sarah Heacock married Benjamin Pyle in 1774. Children, 1. Joseph, 2. Hannah, 3. Phebe, 4. Benjamin, 5. Sarah, 6. Esther, 7. Mary, 8. James, 9. Edith, 10. Ann,

11. Jonathan, 12. Isaac, 13. William.

1. Joseph Pyle married _____ Lobb settled in Mercer Co.

2. Hannah Pyle married Daniel Caldwell and settled in Springfield, children, James, Davis, George, Benjamin, Rachel, Sarah Ann.

3.Phebe Pyle married Thomas Holland and settled in Marple. Children, Sarah, Catherine,

John, Mary Ann, Nathan, Thomas, Martha.

4. Benjamin Pyle married and settled in Ohio.

5. Sarah Pyle married William D. Horn in 1805 and settled in Mercer, Pa.

6. Esther Pyle married John Massy. Child, Esther.

7. Mary Pyle married Nathanial Parsons of N. Providence. Children, a. Franklin, b. Joseph, c. Mary Ann, d. Phebe, f. Richard.

a. Franklin Parsons married Elizabeth Ware. Children, Nathanial, Deborah.

b. Joseph Parsons married Ellen Hewes and settled in Middletown. Children, Mary, John,

George, William, Malinda, Lewis.

c. Mary Ann Parsons married William Carr. Children Mary, William, Franklin.

8. James Pyle married ____ Horn and settled in Philadelphia. one child.

9.Edith Pyle married Benjamin Horn. Children, a. Benjamin, b. ____ c. Henry, d. Nathan.

a. Benjamin Horn married _____ Trites ( a widow )

b. Isaac Horn married ______ Knight. 2 children.

c. Hannah Horn married ______ Brown. 2 children

10 Ann Pyle married Jacc---- -derman and settled in Marple.

11 Jonathan Pyle married ---- Parsons and settled in Haverford. Children, William, Thomas(?), Ellwood, Phebe, Emily and two others.

12 Isaac Pyle married M-----n P(?)ulse and had two children, he afterward married Catherine(?) ------, and had one child Joseph, Isaac settled in (probably says, "in Iowa").

b. Mary Heacock married her cousin John Heacock see page 11, d. John.....

c. Phebe Heacock had two children Elizabeth, Eliza, Eliza married Thomas Horn and settled in Springfield. Children a. George, b. Phebe, c. Emily, d. Hannah, e. Eliza,

f. Thomas, g. William.

a. George Horn married Sarah Smedley, children, Hannah, Thomas, Caleb, William, Mary,

Edith, Thomas married Rachel Wilson.

b. Phebe Horn married Charles Sleeper. Children, Elizabeth, Charles, Anna

Elizabeth married Edward Thomas

c. Emily Horn married Jesse Dutton.

d. Hannah Horn married -----utton.

e. Eliza Horn married Thornton Dowlin.

f. Thomas Horn married Mary Tappen.

g. William Horn married.

D. James Heacock inherited the homestead in Marple but never married. After his death the property passed out of the family.

T. R. Heacock copied by Kenneth S. Heacock so that it could be used


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